11/03/16 2:46am
If you were in attendance the last time Penn football and Princeton faced off, you couldn’t have asked for much more.
11/01/16 11:56pm
I didn’t think there were many more ways Penn could work to stifle any hope of creating a sports culture at this University.
11/01/16 11:56pm
Penn football will travel to Princeton for a pivotal Ivy matchup Saturday. In advance of the game, we sat down with Tiger junior quarterback John Lovett, the reigning Ivy Offensive Player of the Week after accounting for seven total touchdowns Saturday at Cornell.
11/01/16 11:55pm
As Friedrich Nietzsche so eloquently said, “that which does not kill us, makes us stronger.” Among the multitude of philosophical quotes that have been and could be applied to this remarkable undefeated Penn sprint football season, this one stands out for its relevance to one of the team's most important players: senior nose tackle Arthur D’Angelo.
11/01/16 12:10am
Football’s Sam Philippi, men’s soccer’s Dami Omitaomu, and field hockey’s Alexa Hoover were all recognized for spectacular performances that propelled their respective teams to victories this past week.
10/30/16 10:49pm
It's easy to feel like Penn football is an obvious favorite to beat Princeton this Saturday and (eventually) win another Ivy League title. It's hard to argue with ten straight Ivy wins (which I'm about to do).
10/29/16 4:53pm
Who said it needs to be pretty? Penn football, despite not scoring in the second half, grinded out a gritty 21-14 victory over Brown to stay perfect in Ivy League play. The Quakers (5-2, 4-0 Ivy) relied heavily on the star power of junior wide receiver Justin Watson to jump out to a 21-0 lead in the first half.
10/27/16 12:02am
This Homecoming weekend, the 1986 Penn football team will return to Franklin Field in honor of its 10-0 campaign 30 years ago. As today’s Quakers keep the hope of an undefeated Ivy season alive, the visitors may be able to offer some inspiration.
10/24/16 11:23pm
It was a good weekend on the field for Penn Athletics, and that's translating to hardware off the field as the Quakers enter the week. On Monday, football's Justin Watson was named Ivy League Offensive Player of the Week, while men's soccer's Dami Omitaomu won City Six Rookie of the Week honors.
10/24/16 11:18pm
All that matters is going one game at a time. Interview a coach or player from any sports team and you’ll hear words like these. Who’s going to admit that his team can completely overlook the team it’s about to face? That the next game isn’t as emotionally significant as matchups later on might be?
10/21/16 10:08pm
NEW HAVEN, Conn. — It was a beautiful night for football, but it was not a beautiful game of football.
10/20/16 12:54am
Three road games, two home games and a potential Ivy title. That’s all that’s left for Penn football as it moves into the second half of the 2016 campaign. First up on that list is Yale.
10/18/16 9:29pm
Senior Sports Editor Nick Buchta: There’s almost an embarrassment of riches to pick from on Penn women’s soccer — almost all of them freshmen!
10/18/16 9:27pm
In what would have been a poetic travesty, Hunter the Punter didn’t always want to be a punter. “I was asked about doing it the summer before my sophomore year of high school... I tried it out and didn’t really like it,” Hunter Kelley, Penn football’s standout fourth-down man, said.
10/17/16 9:41pm
In their first Ivy League game of the year, Penn football took on Dartmouth, a team that shared the conference title with the Quakers in 2015.
10/17/16 9:41pm
Another week, another standout performance by a Penn offensive player. Junior running back Tre Solomon had the best performance of his career Saturday vs.
10/15/16 7:08pm
Much like Al Bagnoli's last time coaching at Franklin Field, things went poorly for Al Bagnoli on Saturday.
10/15/16 5:28pm
While Penn football was up 7-0 at halftime in Saturday's game against Columbia at Franklin Field, the Lions' band made a fierce attack at the home team.
10/12/16 9:57pm
This weekend, for the first of four times, Penn Athletics will be hosting a fan fest before a sporting event.
10/12/16 9:57pm
Forgive Penn football coach Ray Priore if he doesn’t want to address the elephant in the room. “I’ll be quite honest with you, I really don’t give much thought to it,” the second-year head coach said.