02/14/16 6:00am
In 2010, prior to the implementation of the program, there were 264 unattended thefts reported. This number dropped to 179 in 2015.
02/11/16 12:26am
See what crimes occurred in the Penn Patrol Zone between Jan. 27 and Feb. 3.
02/07/16 10:48am
A UPenn alert went out at 2:49 a.m. warning of a “Robbery with a Weapon” and “additional police and security officers in the area.” 
02/04/16 11:39pm
Crime reporter Lowell Neumann Nickey witnessed an arrest outside of his house.
02/04/16 10:41pm
The Wharton and College sophomore had his preliminary court hearing moved to March 15. 
02/03/16 11:45pm
A 19-year-old girl was walking eastbound on the 3700 block of Locust Walk Monday night, when she allegedly saw a man walking towards her with his genitals exposed.
01/28/16 12:29am
Since the release of the Association of American Universities’ survey on sexual violence, students have called for the administration to address the issue more seriously.
01/21/16 12:51am
Total crime in the month of December decreased from 52 to 35 instances. 
01/19/16 10:55pm
Veteran Philadelphia lawyer Deborah Harley has a new job at Penn in a brand new office to match — in the building that just went up at 3901 Walnut Street.
01/14/16 8:19pm
Professor Marci Hamilton thinks Cosby will likely be declared guilty of at least one count in his Montgomery County, Pa. trial. 
01/14/16 12:30am
See what crimes occurred in the Penn Patrol Zone between Jan. 1 and Jan. 7.
01/14/16 12:22am
Penn’s research labs have consistently missed their deadlines to report the results of their clinical research studies.
01/13/16 2:48am
Harley's predecessor, Christopher Mallios, left in November to become a judge of Philadelphia’s Court of Common Pleas.
01/12/16 2:17pm
Police tape blocks traffic on Locust between 40th and 41st.
01/11/16 11:03am
Kyle Wilshusen's death was pronounced on Dec. 31 and ruled a suicide. 
01/08/16 6:21pm
Around 11:30 p.m., suspect Edward Archer, 30, fired a semiautomatic pistol into Officer Jesse Hartnett’s police car near 60th and Spruce streets.
01/08/16 9:38am
Nearly $3 million in assets and retirement benefits will go to Rafael Robb's daughter, Olivia, a municipal court judge ruled on Thursday.
12/23/15 9:49pm
Kenneth Kapikian, 58, must pay restitution for over $3 million he stole from Penn over seven years.
12/09/15 1:31am
Peer Anti-Violence Educators, brings paid student leaders to campus organizations to teach members of the organizations how to be “active bystanders.”
12/09/15 12:01am
The family of former Nursing student Arya Singh sued Penn and Amazon after her suicide in Feb. 2013. 
12/04/15 12:05pm
No shots were fired during this incident, and the suspect never took the gun out of the holster or pointed it at officers
12/04/15 3:18am
Local attorney Deborah A. Harley has been appointed, making her the second person to be hired for the position.
12/04/15 3:08am
See what crimes occurred in the Penn Patrol Zone between Nov. 24 and Nov. 29.
12/03/15 12:38am
What would happen if the entire Penn Police force’s security communication system went dark due to a simple power outage or a natural disaster?
12/03/15 12:35am
Like on U.S. college campuses, the majority of sexual assault victims in study abroad are women. 
11/23/15 10:01pm
In January, he will serve as a judge on Philadelphia's Court of Common Pleas, to which he was recently elected.
11/22/15 5:23pm
The results of the survey revealed that Penn students are disappointingly unaware of Penn’s resources, and were less likely than their peers at other schools to bring issues forward.
11/20/15 1:30pm
For the ninth consecutive year, the University of Pennsylvania was ranked as the best in safety and security by Security Magazine.
11/19/15 10:06am
Penn Police can now access live security camera feeds from the underground subway stations around campus through a partnership with SEPTA.
11/16/15 2:22am
The Penn Guardian app allows the Penn Police to identify and retrieve personalized information about each registered caller.