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02/27/17 10:02pm
If you type the word “expectations” into your search bar, the first suggestion that comes up is “expectations versus reality.” The search yields endless memes that attest to the vast discrepancy between what we expect the result of something to be and its actual result.
02/27/17 10:01pm
I have failed in college. A lot. I’ve been rejected from more clubs than I can remember. I’ve been turned down from countless jobs.
02/26/17 10:00pm
Much has been said and written about Penn’s pre-professional culture, but to me it seems like an inevitable and natural product of Ben Franklin’s emphasis on a practical education.
02/26/17 9:58pm
Everyone one of us, no matter how smart or hardworking, will at some point face the pain of rejection during our time at Penn.
02/26/17 6:09pm
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02/22/17 11:29pm
I went back to Korea over winter break, because that is what you do when you’re the daughter of Asian parents: You fly back to your country of ethnic origin so that all your relatives can exclaim to your parents “how much taller she is!” and “She looks just like you!” except in Korean, because you are, as mentioned earlier, in Korea.
02/22/17 11:28pm
Adjusting to life at Penn was a very difficult process. Many people, especially Penn students with whom I have interacted, assume that because I am on financial aid, I have everything I need to survive on Penn’s campus.
02/21/17 11:07pm
James Baldwin once said, “The paradox of education is precisely this — that as one begins to become conscious one begins to examine the society in which he is being educated.” From the second I started my education here I’ve constantly seen and interacted with black staff working as servers, security guards, janitors and the like.
02/20/17 11:06pm
The state of the press is alarming. And many of the critiques of the media, echoing endlessly in the ears of the American people, are legitimate and necessary.
02/20/17 11:06pm
In high school, I used to participate in extemporaneous speaking. We were given a question on current events; something like, “How will Brexit impact the UK economy?” might be asked today.
02/20/17 11:05pm
The College Republicans urge both President Trump and the news media to grow up. Regardless of who dealt the first blow or who started it, the president and the media are caught in a mean-spirited, childish conflict.
02/16/17 11:39pm

Group Think | Was Yale correct to change Calhoun College name?

GROUP THINK is the DP’s round table section, where we throw a question at the columnists and see what answers stick.
02/15/17 9:46pm
Last Thursday, a Pembroke College student burned a £20 note in front of a homeless man on Bridge Street.
02/15/17 9:42pm
This week, the British government formally rejected an online petition started on its website to cancel U.S.
02/14/17 9:24pm
A recent New York Times article showed that the median family income for an undergraduate family at Penn is $195,500, placing the median Penn family in the 82nd percentile among U.S. families.
02/14/17 9:23pm
This semester, I’ve done my best to be as attentive as possible when examining Penn culture, and researching black history at Penn has truly strengthened that attentiveness.
02/14/17 8:37pm
GROUP THINK is the DP’s round table section, where we throw a question at the columnists and see what answers stick.
02/13/17 10:26pm
Sometimes I feel like the most tangible thing I’ve gotten from my college education is a broader and more refined understanding of just how many things are wrong with the world, how many terrible atrocities have been committed in the past and continue to be committed, how many people are suffering in many different ways.
02/12/17 10:51pm
After discussing, in the latter portion of my previous column, the professional troll that is Breitbart Tech Editor Milo Yiannopoulos, I was sincerely intending to pick a more pleasant topic for this week.
02/12/17 10:50pm
To fellow PPE majors - have you noticed just how difficult it is to explain the major to non-Penn people?