04/05/11 1:52am
United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon addressed a packed crowd of students, administrators and community members Monday at Irvine Auditorium.
04/04/11 3:19am
Six campus groups came together Saturday for a one-hour cook-off — modeled after the popular show Iron Chef on Food Network — to raise money for Japan earthquake relief.
04/04/11 1:17am

Philadelphia organization recognized for contributions to local education

This past Friday, the Black Wharton Undergraduate Association presented members of the Philadelphia Student Union an award for their efforts in improving the West Philadelphia education system.
04/04/11 12:50am
Inaugurating a new Penn tradition, a tree dedicated to the graduating class will be planted on campus each year. A tree at the Morris Arboretum will also be dedicated to the graduating class.
04/04/11 12:38am

Festival Latino broadens advocacy focus and audience appeal

Ranging from events such as a Latino food exhibition, to a Samba lesson, to an appearance by a transgender comedian, last week's Festival Latino aimed to appeal to a wide variety of students.
04/04/11 12:24am

Consortium fosters cross-campus political dialogue

To expand access to different political viewpoints across campuses nationwide, former Penn Political Review editor-in-chief and Wharton graduate Bob Ma founded the Alliance of Collegiate Editors, a nonpartisan consortium of various political publications at schools across the country.
04/01/11 5:34am
The two came to Annenberg's Harold Prince Theater Thursday afternoon as the keynote speakers of Penn Fashion Week.
04/01/11 4:17am
Glen Senk spoke to a crowd of more than 250 students about the evolution and success of Urban Outfitters at Hunstman Hall Thursday evening as part of the Wharton Leadership Lecture series.
04/01/11 3:49am
The Greek Awards, hosted by the Office of Student Affairs/Fraternity Sorority Life, was held at the Sheraton University City hotel. Individual students, Greek organizations and faculty members were all honored at the ceremony.
04/01/11 3:33am
“From Brooklyn Beats to Beirut Streets” featured performances by the founders of the Human Writes Project. The event was organized by the Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture, an organization dedicated to spreading knowledge of Arab language and culture, in coalition with several campus groups.
04/01/11 2:28am

Professor urges students to serve

Political Science professor John DiIulio served as the keynote speaker of Integrity Week, addressing ethics and the media's role in politics.
04/01/11 2:00am

Through annual challenge, Fels honors nutrition initiative

This year’s winners of the Fels Institute of Government Public Policy Challenge on March 28 are four young women, fighting to feed Philadelphia.
04/01/11 1:34am

Penn profs and students weigh in on 'Friday' success

Penn students and faculty members are beginning to think that 13-year-old Rebecca Black's hit music video, "Friday," may contain a deeper significance.
04/01/11 1:00am

National webcast discusses Ayn Rand's philosophy

The webcast — which drew several viewers at Penn and 400 total across the country — addressed the 20th century philosopher and author's philosophy of objectivism.
04/01/11 12:21am
The award, given to College and Wharton junior Corey Metzman, provides up to $30,000 for graduate study for students who hope to pursue careers in public service.
03/31/11 5:34am
Actress America Ferrera delivered the keynote address in Huntsman Hall Wednesday for Festival Latino, a week-long event celebrating Latino culture.
03/31/11 5:23am

Film probes LGBT prison complex

On March 30, Re:Thinking Queer presented 'Criminal Queers,' an independent film about gay struggles within the prison industrial complex in America.
03/31/11 2:58am

UN Secretary-General to speak at Penn

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will speak about empowering women next Monday, according to the Office of the President.
03/31/11 1:33am

Greek community faces lack of diversity

This spring, while the faces of sororities and fraternities change with the addition of new members, one thing is likely to remain the same — ethnic diversity in the Greek community.
03/30/11 5:02am

Skulls resumes fraternity life

On Monday, a three-month administrative warning barring Phi Kappa Sigma, or “Skulls,” brothers from fraternity activities was lifted.