04/15/15 1:33am
As hundreds of prospective Penn students flood campus for Quaker Days, current students are gearing up for the wildest weekend of the year.
04/14/15 1:05am
As hundreds of recently-admitted high school students buzz around campus, the Undergraduate Admissions Office and the members of the Kite and Key Society are working hard to present Penn in a "positive light."
04/13/15 2:55pm
The protest was sparked by the announcement that the Africa Center will close and the African Studies department will merge with the Center for Africana Studies.
04/08/15 1:49am
Although a string of Greek life scandals have proliferated in the national media, Penn continues to give fraternities and sororities a positive spin to prospective students.
04/06/15 1:47am
Students and administration think there's more to a good graduate program than numbers.
04/03/15 10:00am
Because early decision is a binding agreement, students who are accepted to schools early must commit before they receive their financial aid packages.
04/02/15 12:05am

Admission stats across the Ivy League

Out of all the Ivies, only Yale and Cornell saw an increase in their acceptance rate this year, whereas Penn had the same acceptance rate
04/01/15 12:00am
Though Penn's acceptance rate is as low as ever, a new ranking claims that's not the only data point that matters. 
03/31/15 12:24pm
Today at 5 pm EST, regular decision applicants to the Class of 2019 will be able to access their decisions via the online applicant portal.
03/30/15 2:06am
Nursing freshman Delaney Jenkins was underwhelmed after viewing her admissions files.
03/30/15 1:59am
Getting by as an undocumented immigrant is difficult — but at Penn and beyond, this population is seeing growing support.
03/27/15 2:00pm
Next Tuesday, thousands of hopeful applicants will learn whether or not they have been accepted to Penn.
03/23/15 1:06am
Applicants with connections were more likely to be accepted to UT Austin. But this phenomenon occurs subtly at colleges everywhere, with Penn being no exception.
03/19/15 12:37am
The top fifty online students will have their application fees to the Wharton MBA program waived and, if accepted into Wharton, the top five students will be granted a $20,000 scholarship.
03/18/15 11:53pm
While upperclassmen advisors relish the opportunity to help younger students, some feel that their helping hand is not always reached for. They would like to see improvements in the program that encourage additional interaction throughout the school year.
03/16/15 1:19am
Without the option of merit-based scholarships, Penn cannot lure outstanding athletes or writing prodigies with money — but recruited students do find value in community.
03/03/15 1:22am
As of February 22, the admissions office had received over 140 FERPA requests.
03/02/15 2:51am
Each spring, a small contingent of Penn applicants receives a piece of exciting news weeks in advance of regular decision release.
02/25/15 1:29am
College applicants who want to round out their application with a high class rank can forget their troubles for a while.
02/18/15 11:24pm
One college consultant encourages applicants to write "love letters" to their dream schools.
02/18/15 10:31pm
The University should work on promoting its Early Decision policies to lower-income communities. Penn should work with organizations like QuestBridge, which works with high-achieving, low-income students, and others that help underserved groups through the college admissions process.
02/13/15 1:00pm
The words used in college essays may be more important than applicants expect.
02/12/15 4:19pm
A second round of likely letters will be sent out in March.
02/12/15 3:32am
Penn’s Quaker Days Program – now in its second year – aims to give prospective students a real taste of Penn.
02/05/15 12:04am
With over half of the Class of 2019 admitted early decision, Penn’s commitment to forming a socioeconomically diverse class is called into question.
02/03/15 1:42am
While the Admissions Office continues to work towards its goal of interviewing 100 percent of applicants, the effectiveness of the program remains unclear.
01/22/15 1:58am
When a group of Stanford students publicized a method of obtaining one's admissions file, Penn's admissions office saw an explosion of requests for access to their files.
11/24/14 4:00am
The new application platform — which would serve as an alternate to the Common App — intends to increase flexibility for member colleges by reducing the number of required items for all schools.
11/20/14 2:52am

Alumni give back by interviewing applicants

College application does not end with clicking the submit button on the Common App. Alumni interview is another procedure most Penn applicants go through. “Students are pretty nervous about the interviews,” Laurie Weingarten, a Penn alumna and director of One-Stop College Counseling said.
11/11/14 2:56am
Every day, hundreds of students and parents flock in and out of Irvine Auditorium to go on a campus tour.