12/08/16 1:47am
Five undocumented students met with high-level administrators for two hours to discuss the University’s commitment to undocumented students.
12/07/16 9:08pm
Joseph Lewis had been a Penn Police officer for close to six years before his sergeant told him to shave or go home, according to his legal complaint.
12/05/16 3:13am
Chaplain Chaz Howard weighed with his opinions about what the Republican's win means for the black community and social justice movements in the next four years.
12/04/16 11:17pm
With the recent addition of Swarthmore College, the list of “sanctuary campuses” in the U.S. now stands at seven.
12/02/16 9:29am
Provost Vincent Price will be leaving Penn to become President of Duke University, Penn President Amy Gutmann announced in an email on Friday morning.
12/01/16 11:29pm
The day after President Amy Gutmann declared Penn a “sanctuary” for undocumented students, Penn for Immigrant Rights held a walk-out initially intended to urge Gutmann to guarantee such protections.
11/30/16 11:48pm
The ABCS courses serve as the core of the services of the Netter Center for Community Partnerships.
11/30/16 12:47pm
The email comes amid heightened anxiety at Penn and other campuses over potential curbing of the rights of undocumented students by Donald Trump's administration. 
11/30/16 12:43am
Penn President Amy Gutmann has expressed her commitment to the protection of undocumented immigrant students, but she has yet to put forth any specific policy proposals.
11/29/16 2:01pm
Andrew Binns, Professor of Biology and former Vice Provost for Education, will serve as Interim Dean of the College effective January 1, 2017.
11/29/16 10:43am
Gutmann will be the longest-serving president in University history. 
11/28/16 12:03am
Graduates have been calling, writing, and commenting on the university’s social media.
11/22/16 3:30am
Organizations like Fossil Free Penn view their role in Trump's America as a part of broader private sector and grassroots efforts to combat climate change without the support of the federal government.
11/21/16 4:21pm
Penn President Amy Gutmann, who has repeatedly refused to comment on Trump throughout the campaign, did not sign the letter. 
11/17/16 12:56am
Physics graduate student Gaurav Shukla, president of Graduate and Professional Student Assembly, released an additional letter in tandem with the Inclusion Diversity Equality Access Leadership Committee about the racist GroupMe messages.
11/17/16 12:56am
On Nov. 16, following the Faculty Senate meeting, the Senate and various standing faculty participated in a solidarity march in opposition to racist GroupMe messages targeting black freshmen.
11/16/16 1:39am
Faculty from all four undergraduate schools signed the letter, which highlighted the passage of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, an immigration policy implemented in 2012 to grant undocumented immigrants who entered the country before their 16th birthday and before June 2007 with temporary protection from deportation.
11/16/16 1:24am
Penn Course Review was recently updated with ratings for last semester's classes — but once again, there are no new written reviews.
11/16/16 1:20am
The officer, Joseph Lewis, claimed he was fired because he maintained facial hair, which is reportedly against University policy. His skin condition, primarily affects black men and stems from an issue with ingrown hairs that create bumps every time he shaves, Billy Penn reported. 
11/15/16 2:19am
Kenyon Bonner, Vice Provost and Dean of Students at the University of Pittsburgh, is currently pursuing his doctorate degree in the Graduate School of Education.