12/12/16 1:06am
The working group will “declare and defend [their] departmental mission in the current political climate.”
12/12/16 12:59am
The holidays might make you think of hot cocoa and cookies more than peer-reviewed papers. But for some Penn professors, American holiday culture is a hotbed for research.
12/08/16 1:42am
SCUE may not be the most well known of student government branches — but Engineering junior Shawn Srolovitz wants to change that.
12/07/16 1:48am
Wharton students took 36 veterans, all members of the Veterans Upward Bound program, to the nation’s capital, where they spent the day touring the city and visiting important sites.
12/06/16 11:43pm
Tweet the words "love", "OMG" and "cute", and people are more likely to think you are female. Tweet the words "ebola", "sports" and "war", and people are more likely to assume you are male.
12/06/16 1:39am
Sometimes, he’s an aspiring poet, hoping to share his work with a literary magazine one day. Other times, he’s an ordinary college student, hanging out with family and friends.
12/02/16 1:51pm
The use and manufacture of fossil fuels is often criticized as irresponsible and destructive — but rarely is it compared to genocide.
12/01/16 9:21pm
Not many people have the urge to make edible treats about their academic work. 
11/30/16 11:48pm
The ABCS courses serve as the core of the services of the Netter Center for Community Partnerships.
11/30/16 11:37pm
Thinking about grit has become Angela Duckworth’s passion and full-time job.
11/30/16 1:21am
There’s a new website to help conservatives navigate the ostensibly biased world of higher education.
11/27/16 11:52pm
The American higher education system is radically changing, in part due to the increase in non-tenure-track appointments for faculty.
11/22/16 3:29am
Some grad students working to better the lives of minority children and youth in the Philadelphia area just got awarded with a prestigious fellowship.  Three of the 40 masters students who were accepted into the Council on Social Work Education's Minority Fellowship Program this academic year study at Penn's School of Social Policy & Practice. The three students, Alexandria Okeke, Paolo David Rodriguez and Kira White will receive additional training and mentorship during their studies at Penn, along with a $6,500 annual grant funded by the the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.
11/21/16 11:55pm
It's a question nurses hear all the time: "Oh, you're just a nurse. Can I see the doctor?" 
11/21/16 2:27am
Three College sophomores, Emily Lurie, Raquel Szomstein, and Elena Prieto, sent out a survey on Tuesday afternoon introducing students to their proposal for a new Pass/Fail system. 
11/16/16 1:24am
Penn Course Review was recently updated with ratings for last semester's classes — but once again, there are no new written reviews.
11/15/16 2:26am
It is one of the few dual-school courses between the College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. 
11/14/16 2:16am
The programs are the master of health care Innovation and the master of behavioral and decision sciences.
11/13/16 9:59pm
While some professors charged through the curriculum, others paused to reflect on the election.
11/10/16 2:54am
23 students replied to a Canvas post, imploring their marketing professor to postpone an exam.