01/25/17 10:46pm
The Daily Pennsylvanian surveyed 24 freshmen, and only four responded that they had found their peer advisor to be useful. Three of the four noted that they had contacted or been contacted by their peer advisor after NSO.
01/25/17 9:53pm
High costs for materials and projects are often not listed on syllabi, but these hidden course fees pose a problem for students who cannot afford them.
01/24/17 10:06pm
Danish journalist and author Flemming Rose argued that the only valid limitations on free speech are restrictions on speech that incites violence. Other than that form, he said all speech should be tolerated.
01/24/17 8:50pm
By the fall of 2018, environmental humanities will be its own minor, offering classes ranging from environmental ethics to digital humanities and history of the environment.
01/24/17 7:56pm
Ryerson looks at the implications of increased automation on the way people take long distance trips. Instead of taking flights, people are likely to choose the more efficient, inexpensive route, especially when the driverless format is still conducive to a more relaxing trip, and the driver has the option of texting or napping.
01/23/17 8:49pm
GAPSA president Gaurav Shukla clarified that GAPSA is not holding this course to stop itself from any sort of impending implosion. In fact, he said it's quite the opposite. Because GAPSA is celebrating its 10-year anniversary, this seemed a fitting time to re-assess the effectiveness of its structures that have been in place a decade.
01/22/17 8:08pm
Northwestern’s Faculty Senate passed a resolution last week encouraging professors to include information about mental and physical health in their syllabi. First reported by the Daily Northwestern, the statement recommends language such as, “If you find yourself struggling with your mental or physical health this quarter, please feel free to approach me. I try to be flexible and accommodating.”
01/19/17 4:51pm
“[Horses] end up in the hands of people who love them, but may not know a lot about them,” Dean of the Vet School Joan Hendricks said. “It’s hard to take care of a cat or a dog, but it’s much, much harder to take care of a thousand to fifteen-hundred-pound animal.”
01/18/17 10:32pm
The Penn 4 Biden initiative began with a simple petition for students to show interest in having Biden move to the university after his term in office. Petition responses largely focused on the value of having the vice president as a “mentor and someone to look up to” at Penn, Reich said.
01/18/17 9:54pm
The room will have glass walls, wood ceilings, lights to mimic the stars, and a wool and silk sculpture by artist Claudy Jongstra, who is featured at the Barnes Foundation. Rogers added that the sculpture will help with sound reduction as the fabric will absorb outside noise. The room will also feature 84 seats in the main area, and 13 “soft seats.”
01/18/17 9:38pm
“It’s so much more efficient for everyone involved because it doesn’t mean that our staff has to babysit people when they’re discovering things,” Jim Mathieu, the director of Digital Media at the Penn Museum said. “They can actually cater to them when they found what they wanted, which is provided.”
01/18/17 4:36pm
“There are so many opportunities on campus for innovation,” Director of Weiss Tech House Anne Stamer said. “We have a program for everybody.”
01/17/17 8:41pm
One of the nation’s foremost scholars on racial equity and education, Professor Shaun Harper, will be leaving Penn to launch the USC Center on Race & Equity as executive director.
01/17/17 8:37pm
Fourth-year psychology Ph.D student Kristopher Smith, along with assistant psychology professor in the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences Coren Apicella, conducted a study that refutes those recent findings.
01/16/17 8:36pm
This change, which was criticized by language faculty, will only affect students entering Wharton in the fall of 2017 or later, not students currently enrolled.
01/13/17 4:46pm
This comes just days after Biden was caught on a hot microphone confirming his decision to come to Penn after he leaves the White House.
01/12/17 1:12am
The list took into account numerous factors such as: average early career salary, available financial aid, the university’s academic reputation and average credit hour cost.
01/10/17 8:10pm
Reich said his undergraduate seminar aims to illustrate that in order to effectively analyze news, students need to avoid thinking about 'the media' as a monolithic entity and rather recognize that it is comprised of domain-specific 'news beats.'
12/23/16 3:30pm
Each portrait represents a figure from the English department's "50-book list", a list of texts chosen by Ph.D. students to be tested on at the beginning of their second year. Both Shakespeare and Lorde are included on the poster.
12/13/16 12:58am
While student leaders of minority groups on campus said they were not surprised with the results of a recent study by Brandeis University, which found Penn to be lacking in socio-economic diversity and “hostile” to students of color, they felt the study left out certain nuances of their experiences at Penn.