02/05/17 9:44pm
“This competition was a way for us to really understand how companies actually work,” Wharton freshman Cheryl Li said. “I think in Wharton courses it’s all very hypothetical, and getting the opportunity to actually put that knowledge to work is really important.”
02/05/17 7:40pm
Now in its fourteenth year, the conference is bigger than ever, with the addition of a case competition for high school and university students.
02/01/17 9:30pm
“The fossil record itself is the ultimate database of evolution,” Lauren Sallan said. “It’s not a dead field much like the specimens.”
01/31/17 8:37pm
The course begins with a musical context unit, focusing on artists such as Bessie Smith, Billie Holiday and Bob Dylan — musicians who have used their music to comment on social issues. 
01/31/17 6:41pm
After the inauguration of 1968 Wharton grad President Donald Trump, Laurie Allen, assistant director for digital scholarship for the libraries, said the “sense of urgency is stronger” to support DataRefuge and similar projects.
01/30/17 10:43pm
The federal policy, signed on Friday by President Trump, a 1968 Wharton graduate, imposes a 90-day ban on immigrant and nonimmigrant entry to the United States from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.
01/30/17 9:33pm
What first started as a personal audio-note collection to brush up on subjects in neurology throughout his residency has grown at an “unexpected rate” and is now an educational podcast with over 7,000 plays.
01/30/17 9:19pm
The online education company Coursera has once again partnered up with Penn to launch a program specifically designed for governments and nonprofits in an effort to close increasing skills gap in the workforce.
01/29/17 8:21pm
“We feel that reaching out to this community is integral to our mission, not only for community outreach but just in general,” Sara Leavens, the Communications, Marketing and Social Media Coordinator for Penn Libraries said. “We want to make sure that resources are open to as many people as possible.”
01/26/17 7:55pm
“None of us have six degrees of separation anymore from the criminal justice system,” Marie Gottschalk said. “It’s metastasizing into our wider democracy and questioning the legitimacy of democracy in the United States.”
01/26/17 6:04pm
Students will have a chance to participate in an interactive website where they will be able to annotate the text and share their comments with the rest of the group over the summer. The groups will still meet during NSO to discuss the text in person.
01/26/17 5:18pm
Established in 1988 by the Skadden Foundation, the project-based fellowship provides funding for a two-year partnership between a law school graduate or judicial law clerk with a public interest organization of their choosing.
01/25/17 10:46pm
The Daily Pennsylvanian surveyed 24 freshmen, and only four responded that they had found their peer advisor to be useful. Three of the four noted that they had contacted or been contacted by their peer advisor after NSO.
01/25/17 9:53pm
High costs for materials and projects are often not listed on syllabi, but these hidden course fees pose a problem for students who cannot afford them.
01/24/17 10:06pm
Danish journalist and author Flemming Rose argued that the only valid limitations on free speech are restrictions on speech that incites violence. Other than that form, he said all speech should be tolerated.
01/24/17 8:50pm
By the fall of 2018, environmental humanities will be its own minor, offering classes ranging from environmental ethics to digital humanities and history of the environment.
01/24/17 7:56pm
Ryerson looks at the implications of increased automation on the way people take long distance trips. Instead of taking flights, people are likely to choose the more efficient, inexpensive route, especially when the driverless format is still conducive to a more relaxing trip, and the driver has the option of texting or napping.
01/23/17 8:49pm
GAPSA president Gaurav Shukla clarified that GAPSA is not holding this course to stop itself from any sort of impending implosion. In fact, he said it's quite the opposite. Because GAPSA is celebrating its 10-year anniversary, this seemed a fitting time to re-assess the effectiveness of its structures that have been in place a decade.
01/22/17 8:08pm
Northwestern’s Faculty Senate passed a resolution last week encouraging professors to include information about mental and physical health in their syllabi. First reported by the Daily Northwestern, the statement recommends language such as, “If you find yourself struggling with your mental or physical health this quarter, please feel free to approach me. I try to be flexible and accommodating.”
01/19/17 4:51pm
“[Horses] end up in the hands of people who love them, but may not know a lot about them,” Dean of the Vet School Joan Hendricks said. “It’s hard to take care of a cat or a dog, but it’s much, much harder to take care of a thousand to fifteen-hundred-pound animal.”