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(07/18/17 4:33pm)

“You come to work not just to ‘survive' your job. It’s to survive and grow, because Penn has this culture of excellence," says Maria Molina, an award-winning nurse practitioner.

(06/30/17 2:22pm)

Rising sophomore quarterback Tyler Herrick will look to win over the starting job with his dual-threat ability as both a passer and runner.

(05/28/17 9:38pm)

With the graduation of Alek Torgersen and the transfer of rising sophomore Michael Collins, Penn football will need to find a new quarterback if it wants to win another Ivy League Championship.

(05/15/17 9:28am)

Freshman Maura Kimmel threw 14.32m to win bronze in the shot put and also put up a strong fifth-place performance in discus throw.

(05/08/17 6:32pm)

"My fraternity is great, my friends are great, and that’s good, but I feel like until I get a job and am in a workplace where you’re working toward a common goal, it’s sort of that experience and that camaraderie that has been missing in my life." -BG Lemmon

(05/08/17 6:32pm)

"It’s been a lot of fun, and it’s something that has been a part of me for a very long time, but it’s time to hang up the spikes.” -Mike McCurdy

(05/08/17 6:32pm)

"I don’t know if there’s a way to prepare yourself to no longer be able to compete. I would say this season I approached it differently and had a different attitude knowing that it was my last season. I just wanted to have more fun this year and not be so brutal on myself." -Brooks Martino 

(05/08/17 6:32pm)

"The coaches were great. The key with them was just ‘Don’t forget what you did the whole season.’ We went through that little bit of adversity and then just game after game kept improving and kept winning." -Kasey Chambers

(05/08/17 6:32pm)

"After Cornell it was all fun and games and celebration so I was not by any means stressed out or sad or anything. I was just happy and excited to come back to campus and celebrate." -Nick Demes

(05/08/17 6:32pm)

"If it happens, it happens. I think I’m ready for it. We were practicing today at Meiklejohn and I realized, ‘Oh, I’ll never play here again,’ that didn’t really bother me. I’m ready to move on to the next stage of my life." -Tim Graul