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(01/17/17 5:12pm)

The red FRES vehicle, pictured here, was allegedly used to drown out controversial Christian preachers, who have spewed bigoted rhetoric on campus twice before. 

4: First Generation

(11/20/16 5:28am)

Lots of Penn students hear about their parents’ alma maters, but we caught up with two students whose parents didn’t go to college. Mckayla and Jenny are two of the roughly 1,200 First Generation undergraduates at Penn.Hosted by Leopold Spohngellert and Sydney Schaedel. Produced by Joyce Varma. Music by Andrew Ellis.

2: Writing Seminar

(10/27/16 3:12pm)

The writing seminar is the only course every Penn student must take. It's also one of the lowest ranked courses on Penn Course Review. This week on Quite Frankly we explore why this course is required.

1: Leaves of Absence

(09/09/16 9:18am)

What happens to Penn students when they decide to take time off to address their physical or mental health? On the inaugural episode of Quite Frankly we talk to students who took leaves of absence and explore their stories.

(09/02/15 9:43pm)

Penn's robots beat out Iran for the championship in the annual Robocup World Finals this summer. From left to right: Professor Dan Lee and team members Marcell Missura, Jianqiao Li, Jinwook Huh, Heejin Jeong, Seung Joon Yi, Stephen McGill.