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(04/21/16 12:06am)

Social psychologist Amy Cuddy spoke at Penn for the Authors@Wharton Speaker Series. Her talk was on “how our bodies shape our minds.”

(02/21/16 9:23pm)

In "Bartending Part 1," students can take a crash course in mixing drinks and handling glassware. Participants will receive a certificate upon completion.

(12/08/15 1:10am)

Aaron Guo is both a strategy consultant as part of the Wharton Small Business Development Center and a blogger for the Huffington Post, focused on environmental sustainability and broader corporate social responsibility respectively.

(12/08/15 1:09am)

Aaron Guo is a junior in Penn's Management and Technology Program. He is interested in the intersection of business and environmental sustainability. Last winter, Aaron got the chance to go whitewater rafting in the Patagonia region of Chile, where he led a team to consult with regional NGO Fundacion SNP on its growth and outreach strategy.

(12/08/15 1:09am)

On campus, Aaron Guo co-founded The Environ Group, an environmental sustainability consultancy that currently counts several chapters around the globe, including in Ghana, Saudi Arabia, and Australia.

(11/02/15 12:21am)

Wharton sophomore Morgan Brown, a well-known personality on Youtube and Instagram, recently created an app and clothing line to promote her own brand.

(10/18/15 8:53pm)

College sophomore Araba Ankuma is known among peers as a passionate photographer, shooting everything from campus events to her own artistic pieces.

(10/06/15 9:56pm)

College graduate Lucia Liu spoke at Penn on Tuesday, describing her journey from a corporate job to starting her own chocolate company, Lululosophy.