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Sophia DuRose | Why Pottruck should have an all-female level

(06/14/18 9:59am)

Walking on a treadmill shouldn’t elicit a derisive remark from a fellow gym-goer, yet more than once a man has approached me and said something akin to, “You call that running?” No matter how hard I try to convince myself that embarrassment shouldn’t be the go-to reaction, I walk away from the gym trying to hide my reddening cheeks.

Jennifer Lee | The Eagles’ disinvitation from the White House isn’t a big deal

(06/12/18 3:37pm)

Trump’s disinvitation of the Eagles is likely one of the firsts in many cancellations to come. As more players join the national anthem protest, we should definitely expect to see more NFL teams turned away by the White House. But luckily for us, Trump does not have much say in football.

Jennifer Lee | My experience with Penn's flawed testing policies

(06/11/18 8:45am)

Entering exams with full health will prevent uncomfortable exam conditions for other students and also give rise to much better test results. Otherwise, any student who falls ill at semester’s end should expect to take final exam makeups in the next semester, as this policy will likely be in effect for the foreseeable future at Penn. 

Four athletes from women's track and field compete in NCAA National Championships

(06/10/18 5:13pm)

 From June 7-10, four athletes from Penn women's track & field competed on the biggest stage that collegiate running has to offer. The women traveled across the country to the University of Oregon to represent the Quakers in the 2018 NCAA Outdoor Track & Field Championships. 

Philadelphia hosts national collegiate rugby tournament at Talen Energy Stadium

(06/05/18 11:10pm)

This year’s event was the ninth edition of the tournament, the last eight of which have been contested in the Philly area. The championship was contested in the rugby sevens format, with six pools of four teams each on the men’s side and four pools of four teams each on the women’s side.