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(02/10/16 7:23pm)

In general, I got really lucky with my positioning this weekend. I am not a trained photographer, but I happened to land in the right place at each of these events, including this one with Gov. Bush.

(02/10/16 7:20pm)

Gov. Jeb Bush spoke with members of the Rotary Club of Nashua at a luncheon on the eve of the New Hampshire Primary, in which he placed fourth.

(02/10/16 7:19pm)

I am short, which does not help me as a photographer, especially when Kasich himself is not very tall. However, I happened to come across a mound of packed-in snow to stand on.

(02/10/16 7:16pm)

A few of Ms. Carly Fiorina's supporters showed up to support the candidate on Tuesday, one day before she suspended her campaign.

(02/10/16 7:15pm)

This is not really a dramatic stroke of luck, but we did a really good interview with a young voter before finding out that she currently was 17, which meant that we needed parental consent to interview here. However, her dad (pictured) was close and even more energetic.

(02/10/16 7:12pm)

Outside a polling station, a Trump supporter and members of The Daily Pennsylvanian had the following conversation.DP: "Do you support single-payer healthcare?"Supporter: "No I do not."DP: "You know Donald Trump said yesterday that he supports single-payer healthcare?"Supporter: "No he didn't."DP: "Yes he did."Supporter: "You guys are Cruz trolls."

(02/10/16 7:08pm)

There is not much luck involved in this picture; I just feel lucky to have ben selected to go on this trip and cover a victory party.

(02/10/16 7:06pm)

This one is less luck and more persistence. Dan Spinelli and I were lucky to get into the Sanders rally at all, but once I picked my spot, I did not move from it for hours.

(02/10/16 7:01pm)

A petition filed by a Penn sophomore may remove Ohio Gov. John Kasich from the Pennsylvania ballot | Digital Director Carter Coudriet