11/13/15 12:05am
Join DP Sports for their weekly rendition of This Week on 33rd Street! Filmed by Pranay Vissa Editing by Ming Zha, Jasmine Lee and Pranay Vissa
11/12/15 11:54pm
Join DP Sports for their weekly rendition of This Week on 33rd Street!Filmed by Pranay VissaEditing by Ming Zha, Jasmine Lee and Pranay Vissa
11/10/15 12:37am
This weekend, Penn students traveled to Yale for its annual hackathon, YHack. Video by Matthew Mizbani
11/07/15 3:32pm
11/07/15 3:24pm
UNREAL: Penn blocks Princeton's game-winning field goal and wins in overtime.
11/01/15 4:52pm
What sort of things went on at this year’s family weekend, and what did students think of the events? Video by Sun Jae Jasmine Lee, Ming Zhang, and Pranay Vissa.
10/19/15 4:56pm
Get a behind the scenes look at “Head in the Clouds”, with DP Video!
10/19/15 4:53pm
Rumor is that the Penn writing seminar is changing. What do these students think of this oft-hated class?
10/19/15 4:49pm
Field Hockey, Womens Soccer, and Football
10/19/15 3:09pm
Explore the architectural splendors of Penn’s campus with the DP Video team. In this episode, take a look inside the Fisher Fine Arts Library while learning a bit about its past!
10/14/15 12:35am
The DP explores off campus housing at Penn.
10/13/15 11:16pm
Moving in. Moving Up. Moving Out.
10/13/15 7:31pm
Hear what Penn students have to say about living on and off campus at Penn, from weird stories to communal showers, we have the housing question answers you’ve been looking for.
10/12/15 11:35pm
DP Video Explores Rodin College House
09/29/15 1:00am
Take a look inside the Papal visit to Philadelphia from the eyes of the DP video team!
09/28/15 8:20pm
See what Penn students have to say about the Pope’s visit to Philadelphia!
09/26/15 2:02pm
Courtesy of Father Tom Whittingham
09/12/15 1:56am
Patrick goes on an adventure in the name of DP Video.
09/07/15 11:21pm
On Sept. 4-6, PennApps XII took place at the Wells Fargo Center for the first time.
09/01/15 8:25pm
With Donald Trump continuing to bring in great numbers in Republican polls, we at the DP decided to take this opportunity to hear the Penn community’s opinions about the presidential hopeful.