DP SPEAKS | Body Image

Join the DP Staff in examining body image and its place at Penn. Video by Gianni Mascioli. Edited by Léa Kichler.

NEWS | Fight for Fifteen Announcement

Fight for Fifteen has announced a McDonald’s strike beginning April 15. Footage by Patrick Zancolli.

Welcome, Class of 2019!

Welcome, Class of 2019! The Daily Pennsylvanian is the student news organization of the University of Pennsylvania, and we look forward to brining you the news and culture of Penn in the coming months. For more, check out


Guyrandy Jean-Gilles

SPORTS | This Week on 33rd Street 3/25

Join the DP Sports Editors as they review the state of Penn Athletics. Produced by Carter Coudriet.

NEWS | Behind the Coffee at Hubbub

Video by Gianni Mascioli and Aaron Kelley.

pres debate

UA Presidential Debate - March 23rd

This is a video of the two UA president candidates, Jane Meyer and Aidan McConnell, in a digital debate hosted by DP Editor-In-Chief, Jill Castellano.

Eric Tepper

Candidate for College Rep

Kat McKay

Candidate for College Representative

Fionn Adamian

Candidate for College Representative

Justin Hopkins

Candidate for College rep

Emily Hoeven

Candidate for College Rep.

David Cahn

Candidate for Wharton Rep and Chair

Rosalind Shinkle

Candidate for SEAS Chair

Aimun Malik

Candidate for VP of Finances

Rona Ji

Candidate for VP External

Darren Tomasso

Candidate for 2017 Class Board President

Vadim Ordovsky-Tanaevsky

Candidate for 2018 Class Board President

Daniel Kahana

Candidate for UA VP and College Rep