Sitting down with Orlando Fiol

Meet Orlando Fiol. He is, in his words, a “ professional musician, pedagogue, and PhD candidate” at Penn. He is also blind. Watch the video and get the full story here.

30 Seconds With Jeff Jack

The Daily Pennsyvlanian caught up with running back Jeff Jack. Senior Sports Editor Megan Soisson finds out what celebrity is Jack’s look-alike, what he thinks Snooki’s should have named her baby, and more.

Meet Your Fall 2012 Columnists

Get to know the new crop of Daily Pennsylvanian columnists!

Tour of the New Shoppes at 1920 Commons

Daily Pennsylvanian writer Aditi Srinivas spoke with Director of Business Services Pam Lampitt about the new spaces below 1920 Commons dining hall. Watch the video to get a quick look at the new, expanded spaces.

2011-2012 Year in Review

The Daily Pennsylvanian takes a look back at some of the big events that happened on campus over the last year.

Hey Day 2012

Watch highlights from this year’s Hey Day!

Word on the Walk | 2012 Pennsylvania Primaries

The Pennsylvania Primaries were April 24. See what people have to say about the low voter turnout.
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Amy Gutmann Voting | 2012 Pennsylvania Primaries

President Amy Gutmann voted in Steinberg-Dietrich Hall for the Pennsylvania primaries. Arriving at 6 p.m., she was the 12th person to cast a ballot at the polling place.
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Strictly Funk Master Classes

Strictly Funk, an avant-garde fusion dance group formed in 1997, put on “master classes” throughout the month of April, where a Strictly Funk member would teach others a choreographed dance.
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Word on the Walk | ABCS Courses

Academically based community service courses have been growing in number since they started in 1985. We asked students what they thought of the classes. RELATED: The ABC’s of Penn’s ABCS classes

"Revival of the Mountains," PNC Protest

Students United Against Extractive Industries, which includes students from Haverford, Bryn Mawr, Swarthmore, Temple and Penn, met at the PNC Bank at 40th and Walnut streets to protest PNC’s financing of mountaintop removal coal mining. Earth Quaker Action Team, a group of Quaker Friends, brought the issue to students’ attention last year. The event was the student groups’ first public collaborative action raising awareness for the cause.

Ron Paul Rally at Independence Hall

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul showed up at a rally on a rainy Sunday to greet his supporters and talk about restoring liberty to America. The ‘DP’ interviewed some of his fans and asked why they want him to be the next president. RELATED: Ron Paul speaks in Philadelphia two days before PA primary

Penn vs. St. Joe's at Citizens Bank Park

The baseball team competed with St. Joe’s at Citizens Bank Park, but lost, 3-6. The Daily Pennsylvanian caught up with the coach and some players to see how it was to play in the stadium and what they thought of the game.

Mitt Romney at The Franklin Institute

Republican Presidential Candidate and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney addressed the Tri-State Tea Party Caucus at The Franklin Institute in Center City. Get the full story here.

Word on the Walk | ABP Closing

Penn did not renew its contract with Au Bon Pain in Huntsman Hall. Students told The Daily Pennsylvanian what they thought of the news. Get the full story here.

Word on the Walk | Core Curriculums

Do you know what Penn’s core curriculum is? Do you think there should be one? See what fellow students think. RELATED: Penn core curriculum requirements fall in the middle of peer schools.

Spring Fling in the Quad

Students celebrated Spring Fling in the Quad with live music, carnival food, inflatable games and more. Relive Fling through The Daily Pennsylvanian’s video recap, and read the DP Fling recap here.

How to Make a Draw with Women's LAX

DP Senior Sports Writer Jennifer Scuteri speaks with Penn’s women’s lacrosse stars Maddie Poplawski and Caroline Bunting about how to take and win a draw.

Michelle Obama and Jill Biden 'Join Forces'

First Lady Michelle Obama and Jill Biden, wife of Vice President Joe Biden, spoke at Irvine Auditorium to mark the one-year anniversary of “Joining Forces,” a health care and treatment program for military personnel. Get the full story here.