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Going places

I always used to say that it didn’t matter that I was better suited to a go-kart than a real car because I’d live in a city.

Rachel del Valle | Call me crazy

One of the rules I used to have for myself was that I’d never see a therapist. I thought that therapy was self-indulgent, excessive, the stuff of Woody Allen movies and not something you do in real life. But that changed two weeks ago.

Rachel del Valle | Get Real

Acting like a real person means, essentially, acting like a grown-up, an adult. But it doesn’t have the same, sad, unexciting connotation as those other terms.

Rachel del Valle | Hands off

In most situations, hugs are an inordinately intimate greeting. Sometimes I find myself in the grasp of a hug with someone who I’d never even had a one-on-one conversation with.

The city where I'll never sleep

I always wanted to move to New York City. Ironically, now that I’m at the age where moving to New York on my own is a possibility, I’m coming up with more cons than pros.

Rachel del Valle | Girls just wanna have fun

I don’t understand why it’s laughable that girls want to hang out with a bunch of other girls and drink and not get dressed up and just chill. That sounds a lot like bro culture to me, but no one writes articles blaming bros for declining marriage rates.

Rachel del Valle | Oh, pretty woman

To huff and puff every time a woman is noted for both her beauty as well as her brains only reinforces the double standard females face in reaching positions of power. So what if someone says she’s pretty? Get over it.

Rachel del Valle | Now or later

Because sometimes you don’t actually have that much to do. At the end of every horrible week, there’s a calm, and you can either choose to embrace it or unnecessarily stress yourself out about the next thing.

Rachel del Valle | What’s the age again?

So every once in a while, it’s a bit jarring to pause and realize that I’m living in 2013, in the United States, with a biracial president — and there’s still a current of latent prejudice everywhere.

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