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Lauren Agresti | Dive in

Writing personal essays is more like diving into the crowd, grabbing people out of their seats and making them dance with you. This is where I feel at home.

Lauren Agresti | Eight dates a week

Roughly 2.7 mojitos into the evening, one member of our little party whipped out her phone with a wry smile and passed it around the table. She was messaging a boy on a dating app, and we were all reviewing their exchange.

Lauren Agresti | The road less traveled

In my personal version of Dante’s inferno, I imagine that this is the circle of hell that comes right after the dentist’s chair during a filling and just before the rat-infested alley behind Copa.

Lauren Agresti | Another side of Adderall

It’s concerning — but unfortunately not surprising — that Penn students are more concerned about how Adderall will affect the class curves rather than how prescription-grade cocaine is dispensed by health care professionals like candy.

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