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Lauren Agresti | Dive in

Writing personal essays is more like diving into the crowd, grabbing people out of their seats and making them dance with you. This is where I feel at home.

April 24, 2013

Lauren Agresti | Theories on theses

What you might not know is that when it comes time to sign up for those extra hard things, your fear of missing out on senior year may be misplaced.

April 15, 2013

Lauren Agresti | Reinventing Rejection

It’s okay to have no clue what you’re doing after finals are finished.

March 19, 2013

Lauren Agresti | Eight dates a week

Roughly 2.7 mojitos into the evening, one member of our little party whipped out her phone with a wry smile and passed it around the table. She was messaging a boy on a dating app, and we were all reviewing their exchange.

February 11, 2013

Lauren Agresti | The road less traveled

In my personal version of Dante’s inferno, I imagine that this is the circle of hell that comes right after the dentist’s chair during a filling and just before the rat-infested alley behind Copa.

January 29, 2013

Lauren Agresti | Take it Easy

Recent studies demonstrated that self-compassion is a more effective motivator for self-improvement than self-esteem.

January 15, 2013

Lauren Agresti | Another side of Adderall

It’s concerning — but unfortunately not surprising — that Penn students are more concerned about how Adderall will affect the class curves rather than how prescription-grade cocaine is dispensed by health care professionals like candy.

December 6, 2012

Lauren Agresti | Going beyond the Band-Aid

We’re programmed to respond to problematic or unusual situations. But once the Band-Aid has been applied, it’s back to business.

November 15, 2012

Lauren Agresti | While I was sleeping…

You don’t have to be ecstatic. You don’t have to be angry. That’s the cool part. You get to decide.

November 8, 2012

Lauren Agresti | Not quite a love letter

In light of the upcoming annual Love Your Body Campaign organized by the Penn Consortium of Undergraduate Women, I did what I do best — I wrote a letter.

October 24, 2012

Lauren Agresti | Pick your packaging

In an age where there’s a wealth of information about us on Google, it makes sense to manage our reputations. But branding? Do we have to?

October 18, 2012

Lauren Agresti | A #FirstWorldProblem that matters

We all feel pain, fall violently ill, lose loved ones and experience betrayal. Suffering is — and always has been — the universal human condition.

October 11, 2012

Lauren Agresti | Thank God it’s Parents’ Weekend

Even though my 22nd birthday is around the corner, I miss my parents and my brother and my mouse-free bedroom. I miss home.

October 4, 2012

Lauren Agresti | Just a line on your resume

Our undergraduate degrees constitute one expensive but necessary line on our resumes that supports, but does not singlehandedly define, the parameters of our knowledge and skills.

September 26, 2012

Lauren Agresti | Just put your pants on for now

Trying to get on top of your schoolwork? Take your books out. You don’t have to read them. Just open them up. Trying to catch up on email? Respond to one. See what happens.

September 13, 2012

Lauren Agresti | Licensed to wave

The amount of almost-waving, half- smiling and awkward eye-contacting I see around campus every day is absurd.

September 5, 2012

Lauren Agresti | Everyone Loves a Catfight

There is a long road ahead for oppressed and disenfranchised women everywhere and they’re not going to be walking it in Manolos.

February 20, 2012

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