Occupy Movement

07/04/12 4:02pm
The Occupy Wall Street movement returned in full force to Philadelphia for its first national gathering, which included five days of workshops, speakers and marches.
03/26/12 12:06am

Occupy movement and 99% Declaration group plan summer conventions

The 99% Declaration group and the Occupy movement are both planning national conventions this summer, but the groups differ in their philosophies toward governmental change.
03/18/12 10:48pm

Grad student arrested in Center City after protesting Department of Public Health proposal

29 year old graduate students Khadijah White was arrested in Center City on March 15 on charges of resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and harassment when she and others protested a Department of Public Health proposal that would require organizations to get training and permits to distribute food to the public.
02/16/12 8:17pm
Nate Kleinman, a member of Occupy Philadelphia, will run in the Democratic primary for the House of Representatives in Pennsylvania’s 13th district, which includes northeast Philadelphia.
01/30/12 9:30pm
The City broke ground Monday on a $50-million renovation of Dilworth Plaza, the public square west of City Hall that was formerly the site of the Occupy Philadelphia encampment. INTERACTIVE: Dilworth Plaza Construction
01/24/12 11:31pm

'DP' peeks into Occupy General Assembly meeting

We take a behind the scenes look at the proceedings of Occupy Philly.
01/24/12 12:23am
The ongoing movement against mountaintop removal took a big leap yesterday by securing a private meeting with top PNC Bank executives.
01/18/12 11:11pm

Occupy movement remains active on campus, in city

Both OccupyPenn and Occupy Philadelphia claim that they will maintain their momentum through the winter months.