10 hours ago
Drexel's Dragon Dollars are accepted at over 50 privately owned restaurants and retailers in University City, including The Fresh Grocer, White Dog Cafe, Saxbys Coffee, New Delhi, and Shake Shack.
12 hours ago
A year since Trump was inaugurated, here are some top moments photographed by The Daily Pennsylvanian that document the political activism of members of the Penn community.
13 hours ago
The final version of the bill places a 1.4 percent excise tax on endowments of private universities with endowments of more than $500,000 per student, which will include Penn.
13 hours ago
“All of a sudden there were students in the room who were worried about their immigration status, who worried about their ability to express their thoughts or their feelings about their identity,” Parish said. 
15 hours ago
Penn's Asian American Studies Program, now left without a formal director, has long lobbied for funding, support, and more teaching space for courses.
20 hours ago
Pennsylvania has the fourth-highest overdose death rate in the nation, and Philadelphia officials estimated drug overdose deaths reached 1,200 last year.
21 hours ago
All elective equine and camelid appointments at the New Bolton Center in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, have been cancelled until further notice by the regional state veterinarian, a Penn Vet press release stated.
01/17/18 11:17pm
From June 16, 2015 to Jan. 11, 2018, Trump said “Wharton” 52 times and referred to himself as a “good student” (or some variant like “great” or “excellent”) 27 times. 
01/18/18 8:20pm
There are Penn alumni clubs across the globe in 37 states and 52 different countries. Some locations have illustrious histories and some contain fewer than 1 members. 
01/18/18 7:48pm
Despite the winter session's popularity at other institutions, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Paul Sniegowski said little support exists for the program among Penn faculty. 
01/18/18 5:16pm
The Reinvestment Fund released a study that analyzes the recent 2016 Home Mortgage Disclosure Act data and looks into the local mortgage lending environment in Philadelphia. 
01/18/18 4:08pm
Close to 240 cities submitted proposals in October last year applying to be the location of Amazon’s second headquarters. Philadelphia has now been selected as one of the top 20 finalists. 
01/18/18 2:48pm
Eddie Banks-Crosson joined the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life at Penn as director in August 2015 and will now serve as the director of Student Life in Wharton's MBA program.
01/11/18 12:05am
The Division of Public Safety warns that more pipes will burst in the coming days as the weather starts to heat up and pipes start to thaw out. 
01/17/18 11:42pm
“Our common humanity takes precedence over our religious differences,” Sacks said at the Perry World House Tuesday.
01/17/18 7:50pm
The year-long struggle to keep the Asian American Studies program alive has sparked conversations about the importance of ethnic diversity in Penn’s curriculum.
01/17/18 7:21pm
This year, RAs and GAs received four days of mandatory training beginning on Aug. 14, just before New Student Orientation on Aug. 22.
01/17/18 2:00pm
By the afternoon of Jan. 17, it was reported that prosecutors had persuaded a judge to remove the option of allowing Sam Woodward, 20, to get out on bail. 
01/17/18 2:42am
Javice said her startup has saved an average of $7,000 in tuition for each student who has used the service. Since its launch, Frank has worked with over 200,000 families, according to the website.
01/17/18 1:28am
Kelly Writers House "writer in residence" Dick Polman moderated the event, which was the first stop on bestselling author Michael Wolff's national book tour.