21 hours ago
“It's highly unusual,” Vice President for Public Safety Maureen Rush said of the crimes.
22 hours ago
Founded last semester, Common Cents aims to provide personal finance help to its members. This semester, the club started programming and plans to host a series of events to address topics like investment strategies, real estate investment and retirement planning.
22 hours ago
With 1999 College graduate John Legend's recent work in acclaimed picture La La Land, a 14-time nominated film at the Academy Awards, the DP looks back at his time here at Penn.
22 hours ago
On Thursday, Caryl Stern, president and CEO of the U.S. Fund for UNICEF came to Houston Hall to speak about the state of the global refugee crisis.
23 hours ago
“I think it’s a fun process,” Wharton freshman Mindy Wang said. “It was funny seeing her get a striptease and getting breakfast delivered to her room every day.”
23 hours ago
College freshman Michelle Lu, who receives financial aid for approximately half the total cost of attendance, said that while the $3,000 tuition increase doesn’t seem like a lot incrementally, it will be significant by the end of her four years at Penn.
23 hours ago
This decrease in energy, which beat last year's, is equal to 198 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions — the equivalent of taking 42 cars off the road or planting 5,143 trees.
02/26/17 6:45pm
Hikes, who completed her masters in social work at Penn in 2008, co-founded Stimulus Productions, a 'digital magazine' aiming to create a "more radical and intentional nightlife space" for the women of Philadelphia.
02/25/17 4:40pm
A packed auditorium listened as Aslan broke down the concept of Islamophobia, discussed the anti-Muslim hate groups that have developed since 9/11 and emphasized the "identity crisis" that the U.S. finds itself in the 21st century. 
02/25/17 4:33pm
Because of test-stealing and other forms of cheating, College Board will have an international security increase for the SAT.
02/24/17 10:33pm
In a blog post published Feb. 12 on the university’s website, Trinity Washington President Patricia McGuire wrote that Conway is "part of a team that thinks nothing of shaping and spreading a skein of lies as a means to secure power."
02/24/17 6:37pm
The lecture-style class will have 100 students and will "examine President Trump’s rise, using media, race, and gender as a lens for looking at the future of democracies" according to The Chicago Maroon.
02/24/17 6:23pm
SEPTA also proposed a Route 49 bus that will provide easier transportation from Brewerytown and South Philly to University City, according to PlanPhilly. 
02/24/17 3:58pm
“I think there is a better personal relationship between President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu [than under the previous administration],” College junior Hannah Jaffe said. Jaffe is the Israel sector chair for Penn Hillel, the center for Jewish life at Penn.
02/24/17 3:37pm
Magnum’s leave was determined last fall by a 10 to 1 approval for a separation agreement by the FAMU Board of Trustees. 
02/23/17 8:36pm
The speakeasy featured 10 people who performed original poetry, music, stand-up comedy and monologues — and highlighted voices not heard in the script of the play.
02/23/17 8:35pm
On Wednesday, Active Minds collaborated with Hillel Wellness to bring the Mental Health Through My Eyes program to the Jewish community. The roundtable discussion encouraged students to speak freely about how their faith affects their mental health.
02/23/17 7:12pm
“If this is an admitted student group, then we can decide at a certain point, let’s say the May 1 reply date, that that group no longer exists, that we take the group down,” Admissions Dean Furda said. “The purpose has already been served.”
02/23/17 10:53am
The discussion instructions asked students to, "[r]emind your groups that this is a safe space and a shared space."
02/22/17 10:14pm
During the University Council Open Forum today, students addressed many issues ranging from mental health to climate change.