8 hours ago
The accidental breach of privacy is only likely to result in a "slap on the wrist" in terms of legal repercussions, lawyers say. 
8 hours ago
It's clear that students are taking classes outside of their home schools, but more than six administrative offices said they had no information on what percentage of students were doing so, or what specific classes they were taking.   
10 hours ago
Staff members at Penn Career Services are trained to connect LGBTQ+ students with employers and companies welcoming of different genders and sexualities. 
10 hours ago
These ancillary costs vary across the Study Abroad programs offered by Penn and can be difficult to predict beforehand. 
12 hours ago
Socks' new puppies are just about three months old, but they're already training to take on a range of professional roles at Penn. 
13 hours ago
A series of strong earthquakes has killed over 300 people in Central Mexico, while a hurricane in Puerto Rico has left millions without power or cell service, potentially for months. 
20 hours ago
The shutdown of a registered, philanthropic event held by the sorority Alpha Phi was an error on the part of Penn Police, said the Vice President for Public Safety Maureen Rush. 
09/23/17 6:32pm
ASAM Interim Director Eichiro Azuma said the College deans took months to respond to requests he had sent in April regarding the program.
09/23/17 2:47pm
Gutmann thinks Philadelphia's universities would provide "top talent, ideas and creativity" for the tech giant looking for a city to house its next headquarters. 
09/22/17 9:50am
CAPS Director Bill Alexander also said there is "conceptual" talk of a wellness center that combines all of CAPS services, along with Student Health Services and other resources. 
09/21/17 7:01pm
Mayada Alhumssi, the mother of College sophomore Zubaida AlQaissi, is showcasing her paintings at the Philadelphia Folklore Project Gallery in an exhibition titled “Iraqi Songs in Color.”  
09/17/17 9:47pm
Some faculty members were formally notified of the recent death of College senior Nicholas Moya days after it occurred. Others never received a notification from the University.  
08/30/17 5:37pm
Penn Law students say administrators need to think seriously about whether Wax should be allowed to continue teaching a required, first-year course.
09/22/17 10:08am
“I’m very happy with the volume of candidates this year,” said a NEC leader. “Some of the races were very close.” 
09/21/17 8:20pm
“Moving forward the board chose a more moderate representative — that’s me,” Wharton junior Nile Nwogu  said.
09/21/17 7:38pm
The Wharton Dean Geoffrey Garrett said the school is currently plagued by a lack of space. 
09/21/17 4:09pm
The Penn-affiliated individual exited their bathroom and discovered the suspect standing in their home. 
09/21/17 2:00pm
Any student who visits SHS is met with this question: “In the past two weeks, have you been bothered by any of the following problems: feeling down, depressed, irritable or hopeless?” 
09/20/17 11:32pm
IFC leaders said they decided to publish the attendance rates for the first time this year in order to keep the different fraternities accountable for their participation. 
09/20/17 4:17pm
United by Blue's expansion marks the latest in a string of changes to the dining scene around Penn.