Letters to the Editor

04/12/16 10:58pm

Letter to the editor | Chris Corsi

It was with a mix of great sadness and severe frustration that I read about the death of Wharton junior Olivia Kong yesterday.
10/20/15 12:20am
Today the College Republicans wrote an op-ed arguing that America should focus on fixing it's mental healthcare system in response to the wave of mass shootings that has plagued the country. I find this quite hypocritical, considering that the ten states with the lowest level of access to mental health resources (as ranked by Mental Health America, an advocacy group) are all controlled by Republicans.
10/04/15 11:03pm
The publication of the article “Many Penn women not discouraged by gender disparities across fields” is uncritical and misogynistic.
05/18/15 1:42pm

Letter to the Editor | From Ishmail Abdus-Saboor and Zahra Parker

The purported goal of The Daily Pennsylvania article “Black PhDs face disparate treatment in the sciences” was to discuss disproportional funding trends facing under represented minorities in science.
04/15/15 9:08pm

Letter to the Editor | A Republican response to the College Republicans

As former leaders of the College Republicans here at Penn, we would like to express our utter dismay at the position that the recent College Republicans article took on the issue of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.
02/23/15 12:19am

Letter to the Editor from William Shuldiner

I'm writing concerning Jason Tangson's article, Vivisect la Difference. I found this article extremely offensive, appalling and honestly downright sickening at some points.
09/23/14 8:34pm

Letter to the Editor on "Econ TA Has Goofed"

To the editor,In your 'Under The Button' September 23rd blog post, "Econ TA has 'Dun Goofed'", you made a number of erroneous claims and omissions.
02/27/14 7:24pm

Letter to the Editor | The lifeblood of Penn

The free exchange of ideas is the lifeblood of an academic institution, and efforts to restrict that are in direct opposition to the values that we at Penn hold most dear.
02/23/14 7:05pm

Letter to the Editor | Task Force on Student Psychological Health and Welfare

Student input is essential to the work of the Task Force, and we anticipate that it will establish two working groups to carry out its charge, both of which will include students, faculty, and staff.
02/11/14 8:58pm

Letter to the Editor | A response to "Please, stop changing your profile pictures"

For some, depression may largely stem from a neurochemical imbalance, but for others, social media can play a big role in aggravating negative ideation.
02/10/14 8:57pm

Letter to the Editor | Please, stop changing your profile pictures

I feel depressed not because Facebook is projecting some sense of perfection, but because my brain does not produce serotonin in the same way or in the same amount as most people’s brains do. The cause of my depression is not external, and it certainly isn’t Facebook.
02/04/14 6:06pm

Letter to the Editor by Caitlin Dougherty

I was not impressed by “A Wing-sperience to Remember,” the article about the Wing Bowl, a competitive eating contest of who can eat the most buffalo wings. Celebrating the worst of things all things American, it glorified gluttony with a side display of sexism.
01/26/14 4:41pm

Letter to the Editor by Rabbi Joshua Bolton | The gifts we give ourselves

Our life, the beating of the heart, the joy of friendship, the peace of well-being — these are the most precious gifts. Nothing is more important than them. No exam, no recruitment, no rush, no anything is more important.
11/12/13 10:26pm

Letter to the Editor | Students' role in reaccreditation

If meaningful change is to occur, it will take the work of more than just administrators.
11/07/13 4:03pm

Letter to the Editor | To the defacers of Penn Secular Society’s poster…

I beg the defacers of Penn Secular Society’s poster to please stop.
11/07/13 3:59pm

Letter to the Editor | Misunderstanding both religion and secularism

The Penn Secular Society wants everyone to stop believing in G-d because, well, because they don’t believe in G-d.
11/05/13 1:16pm

Guest Column by the Executive Board of ASAP | A Call to Action: Collegiate ACB Must Go

Collegiate ACB perpetuates the culture of violence that ASAP, and so many other student groups and individuals, work to combat.
11/03/13 6:18pm

Letter to the Editor | Meatless Mondays In Philadelphia

Two weeks ago, the Philadelphia City Council — supported by local animal advocacy nonprofit The Humane League — passed a resolution endorsing Meatless Mondays.
10/28/13 5:38pm

Letter to the Editor | Re: SAC moratorium

SAC can either give out less money across the board or disenfranchise the many students who have no say in the matter.
10/02/13 2:38pm

Letter to the Editor | Clery Act requirements and the DPS crime log

This letter is in response to two recent articles published by the Daily Pennsylvanian (“Campus crime log disclosed minors’ identities,” 9/12/2013; “Names of arrestees not in campus crime log,” 9/27/2013) on the topic of the crime log published by the Division of Public Safety.