Satire  Published 07/03/17 2:04pm

​Student Currently Waking up at 7 AM for Work to Sleep Through All of His 9 AMs Next Semester


/ Public Domain

If you haven’t yet seen his 38 Facebook updates, Brian Abrams (C ’19) has an internship this summer.

As Abrams will tell you immediately, working 40 hours a week in consulting is tough work. All day, you have to, you know…. consult about stuff. It’s hard. And the worst part is, you have to get up at 7 AM to get to work on time.

“Yeah, waking up at 7 in the morning sucks. But it's not the school year, so I actually have motivation to get out of bed,” Abrams explained. “If I get fired from this internship at my dad’s company, my life is ruined. Without nepotism, I have no future.”

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Satire  Published 06/29/17 1:57pm

​Desperate Junior Makes Fake PennCard So She Can Get into Smokes


Photo: The Daily Pennsylvanian

Melissa Hyland (C '19) has never been to Smokes.

She has a fake straight from IDJesus. She can recite her address forward and backward: 100 Main Street, Hartford, Connecticut 06105. It's scannable. She even has an "alternate form of ID" called her debit card. But it's never been enough.

Every time she tried to go out with her friends, the 18-year old Smokes bouncer would take a long look at her fake.

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Satire  Published 06/27/17 6:11pm

BREAKING: Amazon to Acquire FroGro for $9.58


Photo: Chris Poliquin / The Daily Pennsylvanian

Looks like FroGro won’t be shutting down after all.

In a stunning move that shocked both the tech and food industries, Amazon (NYSE: AMZN), has agreed to a full corporate buyout of the Fresh Grocer on 40th and Walnut. In this blockbuster acquisition, Amazon is dishing out a whopping $9.58 to make the deal, almost double the current valuation of FroGro.

The new and revamped Fresh Grocer will reportedly not even be a grocery store, and will actually just be an extension of the Amazon Center under Commons. Students will be required to order their groceries one day in advance, and then come to the new Fresh Grocer to pick them up from some cool metal box things that no one really understands. 

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Satire  Published 06/26/17 3:36pm

Science Win! Penn Researchers Discover the Moon


Photo from NASA / Public Domain

Someone get Neil deGrasse Tyson on the phone— he's going to want to hear this.

Ever looked up into the night sky, sure that there is something out there but unsure of what it is? 

Now, scientists at the University of Pennsylvania have put that uncertainty to bed. There is something up there, after all. It's called the moon, and it's awesome.

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Satire  Published 06/23/17 6:12pm

Incoming Freshman Excited to Try Harder Than All of His Classmates


Photo by CollegeDegrees360 / CC 2.0

Ben Jordan (C '21) has been preparing all summer for his first semester at Penn.

Jordan knows that he was a good student high school, even though he only got picked as the class salutatorian. We know, embarrassing. So even though he will regret taking only 12 APs for the rest of his life, Jordan has vowed to redeem himself. This fall, he will be trying harder than everyone in his classes.

Reportedly, Jordan intends to "complete all the required readings, take diligent notes, answer all the professors' rhetorical questions, and even attend half of his 9 AMs."

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Satire  Published 06/21/17 6:19pm

Embarrassing! Student Says He's Playing Devil's Avocado During Recitation


Public Domain (with edits)

It all started in his Intro to American Politics class. A future political science major, Fred Wilkins (C '20) was really in his element. And as much as he enjoyed the lectures, he looked forward to the recitations even more. Wilkins' TA would allow the class to have open discussion about the week’s lecture and reading material. Previously a shy kid in high school, Wilkins found himself thriving in the discussions, raising excellent points and taking advantage of weaknesses in other people’s arguments— just like every other freshman at Penn. He was able to speak for both sides regarding every issue, even when he actually had an opinion. Two weeks into the semester, he even caught the eye of a cute girl in the recitation, and they would have intelligent conversations about the material after class. Everything was going wonderfully, but like all good things, it couldn’t last.

One Thursday at 9:30 AM, Wilkins thought of a brilliant argument against one of his classmate’s points. When the other student finished his thoughts, Wilkins began, “I hate to be the devil’s avocado, but your argument is flawed.”

The class immediately erupted into laughter, forcing Wilkins to stop in the middle of his train of thought. “What, you guys have never heard that expression? It’s just, like, sharing an opposing view to an argument, even if you don't actually believe it,” he explained smartly. “People where I’m from use it all the time.”

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Satire  Published 06/20/17 6:13pm

Shameful: This Rising Junior Doesn't Even Have a Sick Internship


Photo by Captain Andy / CC BY-SA 4.0

On a typical Monday morning in June, most Penn students wake up early to go to their internships. They crawl from their beds, often when it's still dark out. They are bleary eyed and despondent, ready for another day making spreadsheets at the office. Can you think of a better way to spend your summer?

Drew Marin, a rising Wharton junior from Clearwater, Florida, breaks the mould. Instead of spending his summer toiling for an unscrupulous investment company in sweaty New York City, Drew is living at home and working on a charter fishing boat with one of his uncles. What a fucking idiot.

Marin, who tells us that his summer job is "surprisingly lucrative" and "a really pleasant, engaging way to spend the summer," sounds incredibly stupid on the phone and looks like kind of a tool in his Facebook profile picture. That's to be expected, really, when you're dealing with someone who didn't even want to work 12 hour days in the financial district just to blow all their income on housing and drinks in Manhattan.

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Satire  Published 06/16/17 4:15pm

Sophomore Misses Pottruck, Won't Exercise Now Because Gym Is Too Far


Photo by RyanMcGuire / Pixabay

You don’t know what you have until it’s gone. During the school year, you get your daily greens from the guy whose contact in your phone is just a leaf emoji. You think your weekly fitness quota is complete after a night of sweating out your vodka Red Bulls on an elevated surface.

While walking on Walnut between 37th and 38th, you glance between Pottruck and Huntsman, forced to choose the lesser of two evils. But instead, you go for a carb-loading, equally sweaty night at Honeygrow.

We spoke to Michael Whitman (W ’20), who shared that he regrets his freshman-year choices now that he's home. Talk about summertime sadness!

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Satire  Published 06/15/17 6:09pm

Rising Junior Has Spent Entire Summer Taking Snapchats of Her Dog


Public Domain

Kaitlyn Hassell (C '19) is having the summer of her life. She spent two weeks traveling between Cancun and PV, is starting an internship working for her father at McKinsey and Co., and even won $8,000 after a brief stint on The Price Is Right.

But the only thing she's shared with her friends and acquaintances are constant photos of her dog on Snapchat.

"I just want everyone to see how cute Bentley is," Hassell explained. "Everyone at Penn has been to Cancun and is doing consulting. How many people have a dog, though?"

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