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Penn's Most and Least Family-Friendly Places

There’s a lot of hullabaloo at Penn this weekend with families and what not gallivanting around. But there will surely be gaps in your pre-planned itinerary where you just don’t know where to take your parent, and we want to help.

It makes sense: you want to keep things PG while they’re around, and leave no room for speculation as to the amount of substances work that gets done here. We wouldn’t want them to think we’re some sort of party school. What an absurd idea! So we put together a list of places you might think to take your parents, and weighed in on whether or not you should.

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The Penn Family Weekend Bingo Card

Ah, can ya smell it in the air? The parents are here! While you're out and about definitely enjoying Family Weekend, save a copy of this bingo card, print, cut it out (god bless if you actually do), and see if you can get bingo before dad gets MERTed.

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The Comprehensive Guide to Family Weekend 2014

It seems the leaves have finally reached the appropriate autumnal hue and there's just enough snap in the air to make every breath feel like a new beginning. That can only mean one thing -- it's family weekend! 

Besides it being the perfect opportunity for awkward dinners at Pod and to take fifteen year-old siblings to frat parties, there are also a number of school sponsored events to trick the parents into thinking that Penn is like this all the time! We want to help out, so we've compiled a handy guide of the most and least skippable events so that you don't run the risk of being caught dead at anything under-attended or snack-free. Happy family weekend, friends! 

Friday Night

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Flyerer of the Week: Hammock Edition

This week we wanted to shake things up, so we brought a Locust vendor into the mix. Odds are you've seen this woman today, and lucky for us, she really didn't hold back! Read on to hear everything she had to say:

Alright, I’m trying to buy a hammock for our Under the Button office.

Let me tell you something, watch this…

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Hill Is Goin' In

And they're going hard. Seriously, after years of being called the worst dorm on campus, Hill is taking the matter into its own hands. We came across this eloquently punny graffiti last night, and instead of being offended, our respect for the building that everyone loves to hate has only gone up. After all, you can just feel the raw emotion that went into this.

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UTB Presents: A-Gut Presenting Malala

If you got too caught up in shopping with Usher, you might not have heard that Philly was graced with the incredible Malala Yousafzai at Forbes Under 30 Summit earlier this week! And guess who introduced her...? Who else but our flawless president, Amy Gutmann! We can only imagine how picturesque the moment was (read: we haven't laid eyes on any photos of the pair, ugh). 

Looks like Amy is on a roll, racking up honors and accomplishments like she's some kind of wonderful. Keep doing your thang Ms. Prez, we’ll just sit here and continue documenting your elegance

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Tragedy of the Commons III: Hella Fruit Flies

So it seems a swarm of fruit flies has descended on the Commons' stash of rolls. One might not think that this basket of stale bread would be the #1 destination for flies, but apparently anything's possible. It's really almost a situation where you can't even be mad, just sort of disappointed. If only we could say that this was the first time something like this has happened, but alas. Still though, let's look on the bright side -- it's just a lil' extra protein! And realistically this could have been much, much worse.

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Penn Increases Green Stuff

Being the President of Presidents isn't some lazy-ass job, so Amy has been dropping initiatives left and right. Whether it has been co-hosting the dopest halloween party on campus (Madeon who?) or being the hottest 65 year old on this planet, A-Gut has been on her grind. Coinciding with Green Week, Penn has launched Climate Action Plan 2.0, a "roadmap for environmental improvement and sustainability on campus to 2019 and beyond." 

The original Climate Action Plan has already achieved success across campus, including cutting carbon emissions 18 percent since 2007, reducing the amount of waste to landfills by 10 percent, offering more than 170 courses related to sustainability and increased sustainable food. Goals for CAP 2.0 include 7 percent carbon reduction by 2019, in line with a goal of carbon neutrality by 2042 and a lot of other dope stuff that's a little over our heads. But Greenzo def approves. 

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Free Flu Shots in Houston -- If you're doing Thirsty Thursday proper tonight, consider heading down to Bodek Lounge in Houston Hall between 11am and 7:30pm today or next Wednesday for a free flu shot (with PennCard). Five minutes and a little injection and you'll only have to worry about one terrifying disease tonight. 

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