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The Dalai Lama Is Coming To Philly Too

Mark your calendars people, the DL will be visiting our fine city from October 26 to 27th. All the His Holinesses are doing it these days, and we're not complaining. By the end of fall, Philly's going to be picture of peace and spirituality: no more aggressive drivers, doves instead of pigeons, and SEPTA swipe cards.

He'll be stopping by the National Constitution Center to receive the Liberty Award, which is given to "those who strive to secure the blessings of liberty to people around the globe." We only wish his visit would've coincided with the pope's—imagine how dope that rap battle would've been.

Features  Published 09/03/15 6:52pm

12 Things We Wanna See At PennApps XII

The twelfth biannual PennApps—you know, the place where all your Engineering friends disappear to for three days—is starting tomorrow. We have some THC-intoxicated expectations for you hackathoners out there...but we also know how hard it can be to come up with and create an app in a single weekend, so we thought we'd do you a solid and throw out some ideas:

1. An app that approximates when they're going to run out of avocados at Sweetgreen

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Fisher Bey-nnett Is Flawless

She may be headlining MIA this weekend (not that we're counting down or anything), but she's certainly not MIA from our fair campus. No, we weren't drunk when we spotted this iconic image – that really is Queen Bey feeling herself while reigning over us peasants from the stairwell of Fisher Bennett Hall. In typical diva fashion, Queen Bey has stuck it to THE MAN (aka, Shakespeare) once again. Not only do girls run the world, but apparently, they run Penn's English department, too. 

News  Published 09/01/15 2:36pm

GrubHub Claims Penn Students Are Almost Polite

Along with losing our formerly undisputed ranking as the nation's top party school, we also lost our title as the most polite college in America, dropping from the coveted number one spot to the 18th on GrubHub's list of the Most Polite Colleges in 2015. Though we question the methodology of the ranking system, which is based on the frequency of "please"s and "thank you"s written in the delivery instructions, we've gotta admit – this one stings. 

Maybe last semester's Finals stress orders are to blame for our rankings plummet, as each all-nighter took away more and more of our ability to communicate with others, turning us from this to this. Or maybe we just take for granted the fact that we don't have to speak directly to an actual human for Drunken Noodles (Extra drunken + no carbs...actually, nvm, can I just have chicken fingers?) to appear at our door (or the entrance of VP). Either way, the capricious GrubHub Gods have punished our insolence by stripping away yet another of our diverse titles

But, alas! We have our consolation prize: Princeton didn't even make the list.

News  Published 08/28/15 1:09pm

Allegro's Late Night Scene About To Get Later (Or Earlier?)

The rumors are true. On a soon but yet to be disclosed date, Allegro will be opening their doors to the drunk/sad/hungover/stressed/just plain hungry for all of the hours. That's right: our beloved pizza joint (Zesto has yet to earn such a dear place in our hearts) will be open 24/7. 

We're pretty sure what the newfound 3 a.m., 4 a.m., and 5 a.m. Allegro scenes will be like, but who will be part of the 8 a.m. Allegro crew? Professors grabbing some garlic knots before a long day of stretching the bounds of human knowledge? Dining hall workers nomming some marginally-better-than-Commons 'za? Stay tuned. 

 Published 08/28/15 9:59am

FroGro Is FINALLY Selling Beer Again, The Future Is Bright

Looks like everyone’s favorite place to get drunk food is soon to be everyone’s favorite place to get drunk. You heard it here: FroGro is finalllllyyyy selling beer again. 

All we can say is IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME. We’ve been waiting for this since that wine vending machine was stripped from the hands of our forefathers back in 2010. So prepare to raise your glasses and test your tolerance, this place about to blow.

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News  Published 08/26/15 11:05am

Free Metro Coffee Or Tea To Celebrate The First Day Of Classes – although caffeine at no cost is all we really feel like celebrating today. Seriously, people are already flyering and it's annoying. Do less. Except for you, Metro – you could get it.  

News  Published 08/25/15 5:58pm

Oh Y'Know, Just Riding Our Bikes On The Roof Of Frogro

Welcome back, Penn! Now that our readership is back up to ≈18 people with everyone back from summer, we thought we'd take the time to inform you that A BAND OF RECKLESS, HEDONISTIC YOUTHS WAS SPOTTED absolutely tearing up the roof of Frogro with their bikes yesterday :'(. 

Check out the raw footage taken by the DP's new DRONE, which stands for Daily Reconnaissance Or Notetaking Engineer and is basically someone the DP pays $12/hr to do laps around each rooftop lounge with their iPhone camera pointed out the window. The safety cones, padding, and instructor in the video tell us that the dangerous biker gang is definitely up to something. Keep an eye out this semester, and send your tips to

 Published 08/25/15 2:58pm

Pi Kapp Goes Off-Campus And Rebrands As “Phi"

For those of you who spent NSO living under a rock reading a sad handwritten book, you might have gone to a party hosted by “Phi” and just thought it was your normal, sweaty, run-of-the-mill fraternity. But what you DON’T know, unless you’re like soo in the know, is that this new brotherhood of men is none other than the old Pi Kapp (Pi Kappa Phi), aka the latest in a long line of Panhellenic recognized Greek organizations to join Penn’s off-campus community.

After a tumultuous past two years–first a hazing allegation in 2014, followed by a series of probations/cease and desist, suspensions, and neglect by OFSL–the fraternity unanimously voted to move off campus last spring and was subsequently kicked off campus this summer. Their charter was revoked, and now they will operate under the name “Phi” and do literally the same thing they would’ve done as Pi Kapp. They’ll dirty rush, host parties and be free from the system.

That makes seven off-campus organizations (all of which can be seen here to the right). Only one question remains: who’s next?

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