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You Know What To Do With That Big Fat Book...

"...Weigle, Weigle, Weigle." Or, at least that's how we envision the 2015 remake of this classic 2007 magical musical moment. Created to celebrate the opening of the Weigle Information Commons and nominated for the Best Musical Category of the Libvid Awards (obviously), our latest video find is perhaps one of the most earnest videos we've ever seen.

You know what, vocally talented and incredibly happy singers? We agree! Despite students occasionally yelling into cell phones and the lack of convenient bathrooms, Weigle is great. It has booths reminiscent of a waiterless diner, its own printing section with a working stapler, and opportunities for a mini power trip when you claim your reserved space. In fact, after watching this, we can't help but skip there whistling with all our friends right now! Because in Weigle, everything's waiting for youuuuuuu.

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Determined Penn Student Resorts To Cross-Campus Skiing

Now this is what we like to see: Penn students braving the elements! Featured here is some fine cross-campus skiing, which some are calling the only socially acceptable real way to navigate campus during these trying temperatures (looking at you, DRL Lyft-ers). Just goes to show that Penn kids understand resourceful transportation, and that we’ll really stop at nothing to get to Van Pelt.

A photo is worth a thousand words, but recently we’ve developed a penchant for videos. So tipsters keep your phones out, and send us anything at

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Signs Posted In Bathrooms Love To Remind Us How Nasty We Are

We've already had our fair share of bathroom related messages telling us to clean up our act. However, the fun just doesn't stop. See below for two fun little notes from VP and McClelland.

It seems some Van Pelt dwellers are upset about our bathroom etiquette. But fear not: someone had the courtesy to place such a well-thought-out, perfectly punctuated note in the bathroom to make sure the accident won't happen again.

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Profs: They're Just Like Us! Typo Edition

Ever made an embarrassing typo or sent an uncomfortable email to your professor? Fear not – they'll be sure to understand, because professors are just like us!

In a long, intimidating paragraph of instructions for a paper, one English professor warned students about the dangers of not proofreading, only to inadvertently fall victim to a typo. But what if this typo was intentional? What if the lovely faculty at Penn are so clever that they strategically place their misspellings to illustrate a newly-developed pedagogy? Teaching doesn't just take place in the classroom – it takes place at 2 a.m. when you're hopelessly scrolling through Canvas. We'll cut this professor some slack, though, because we've certainly made "other others" before. Profs: they're just like us

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What's HapPENNing?

If you're reading this, it means you've made it to the final stretch before spring break. You've come a long way since January, friends! As a lil' pre-spring gift from us to you, we've gone ahead and marked (***) the events this week that have free food. You're so welcome! No, YOU'RE literally the sweetest.


If you're confused about what these PILOTs everyone's been talking about lately are, or you wanna know the story behind Amy's infamous Christmas party, or you're just a decent human being in favor of funding for public schools, head over to Houston at 7.***

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News  Published 03/01/15 5:29pm

A Mother's Love, Locust Walk Edition

On horrible snowy days like this when nothing else seems good, one thing that we can remember is that our moms really do love us! Although she was confused about the appropriate venue to voice her sentiments, one Penn mom luv-ingly commented on the official University of Pennsylvania Facebook to remind her offspring to stay safe and avoid walking alone at night – and to remind us that moms don't really get how to use Facebook.

 Published 03/01/15 3:53pm

ShutterButton: Winter Precipitation Continues Conspiracy To Only Fall On Weekends

Scenes that would have induced a deluge of #winterwonderland instas just two months ago now evoke pure rage in our hearts and minds. Not only does this endless snow/hail nonsense create a never-ending slipperiness that endangers us, but it also has decided to fall only on weekends when it has absolutely no chance of preventing professors from making it to class from the 'burbs. F*** It February might be over, but the sentiment lives on for another day. We're over you, wintry mix. We're off to PV.

Features  Published 03/01/15 1:59pm

Random Dude At A Party, Vol. 8

Read about more past Random Dudes herehereherehere, herehere, and here. And now, for our Eighth edition of talking to our drunken comrades late on a Thursday night:

If you could spend a day with Amy Gutmann, what would you do together? 

A night??

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Features  Published 02/28/15 2:14pm

Locust Flyperlatives, Vol. IV

We've reached our fourth volume of Flyperlatives – the big I-V! But really the only V's you should be concerned about this weekend are the ones being talked about at the Vagina Monologues. Although it's sure to be an exciting and socially important show, it's sort of disappointing that the vagina costumes are going to be retired for the remainder of winter. 

Most likely to make you an activist: Vagina Monologues

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News  Published 02/27/15 12:44pm

High Class Partier Takes Uber Fratting Down Locust

Remember in high school when everyone pooled together hundreds of dollars for a ten minute limo ride to prom? Well, one Penn student just couldn't bear the embarrassment of getting dropped off at prom a frat party in daddy's 2002 Honda Civic last night and opted for a sleek, black Uber car instead. 

Sure, it's freezing outside, and we'd be lying if we said we haven't cabbed to DRL, but why drive on Locust? Why not just get dropped off on Spruce? We hope that this frat star had the sceniest of nights SABSing at Elmo/St. A's/FIJI/whatever else is on that side of Locust. But if Locust Walk is transforming into Locust Drive, we have some suggestions: 

1. Use your Lyft credits on your way home each day to avoid the high rise wind tunnel.
2. Call an Uber whenever you don't feel like walking over the 38th Street Bridge.
3. Avoid flyerers and/or your latest DFMO by hiding behind the tinted windows of a black Lexus.
4. Surprise your little with door service from the Lower Quad Gate to her Spanish class in Williams.
5. Drive through a campus tour to show prefrosh that no one fucks with you.

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