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Bike Share Finally Comes To Philly

In a move to catch us up to almost every other major East Coast city, bike share is coming to Philadelphia! But before they plop down some bikes, they need our help to choose its 60 locations from an array of options, four of which are comfortably within the Penn bubble. 

Comment on the bike share location survey to ensure we won't have face the prospect of having to actually walk to Market, or even Baltimore, for a bike. (We recommend answering the "being comfortable at night" question less like your mother and more like a West Philadelphian). 

Will this new influx of blindingly bright bikes influence Penn's bicycling ban on campus? We predict no, but maybe our ticketing signs will get a little more colorful. Watch out PennCycle, competition is coming and its name is Nutter

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Free Coffee Beat: Brought To You Today By Wawa And Dunkin'—In celebration of National Coffee Day, not only is Dunkin' Donuts giving away free coffee (again), so is our beloved Wawa! No word on if Wawa's enforcing that this form (now "expired") is complete to get a free 16-ounce cup, but you can walk right on into Dunkin' for 20 ounces of caffeinated goodness. For lesser, but still significant deals, visit the bookstore all week for $1 for a tall hot or iced coffee, and visit Williams Café today for two punches on your Café Junkie Card. You get a coffee! You get a coffee!

News  Published 09/29/14 1:47pm

College Junior Has Passed Away -- We are heartbroken over the loss of junior Amanda Hu, who died last night in her Sansom Street home in an apparent suicide. If you need help of any kind, please call CAPS at 215-898-7021, or at 215-349-5490 on nights and weekends. Our thoughts go out to Amanda's family and friends. Please check back with the DP for updates.

 Published 09/29/14 12:21pm

17 New Penn Traditions To Consider Starting

Congratulations, you managed to sleep with someone under the button without getting caught on tape (yes, there are cameras, buhbye grandkids’ legacy). Or maybe you didn’t succeed. Maybe the PennPo cramped your style, or  maybe you just couldn’t get it up.

Whatever your misfortune, we feel some new Penn traditions are in order! We’re tired of peeing on Ben, failing midterms because of the compass, yada yada yada. So instead, summon your peers and have a go at one of these new traditions:

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Features  Published 09/29/14 9:32am

What's HapPENNing?

It's the end of September. In many ways, things are autumnal af and October seems appropriate, but then again, it was 80+ degrees and sunny at Skimmerfest. Fall break is in ten days, which seems logical, and yet our iPhone app promises temps in the high 70s all week. Little is certain in these trying times, but the following events are definitely happening this week, so read on.

Tuesday & Wednesday: Junior Welcome Back Picnic/Sophomore Welcome Back Picnic, 6 p.m., Amy G's House

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Features  Published 09/28/14 9:19pm

(Penn Police Officers: DO NOT READ THIS) The Best Places To Smoke Weed On Campus

Yo, if you haven't heard, Mayor Nutter is slated to sign a bill that'll decriminalize marijuana. The bad news? Penn could give a dusty fuck. Because as this PhillyMag article (ugh) points out, campus administration will be maintaining its disciplinary policies regardless. 

The article also GENEROUSLY reveals all the hip smoking spots that we've been trying to keep secret for years, like the Biopond, which most definitely very few people knew about and it honestly sucks that everyone knows about it now. The article even weirdly hyperlinks to the precise Google Maps coordinates of these places. Anyway, now that our extremely secret smoking spots are public knowledge, it's time to find some new ones. So without further ado about nothing, here's our list of NEW best places to smoak da green on campus. 

1. Directly in front of College Hall, i.e. green on the Green

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News  Published 09/28/14 6:42pm

A Wharton MBA Party Is Somehow Newsworthy

Early last week, Bloomberg Businessweek decided the world must know about a Wharton MBA white party. We have many, many questions:

Why is it news that Wharton MBA students plan and attend parties?

Why is it news the attendees dressed in white and some wore heels and others did not? 

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 Published 09/26/14 5:04pm

Locust Flaikus

Come all ye loyal classmates now, in hall and campus through,

Lift out your hands for flyers, for royal UTB flaikus!

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 Published 09/26/14 3:10pm

We're Eagles Fans Now That Free Coffee Is Involved—Midterm season is upon us, and as always, coffee is in demand. Conveniently it's also football season, and as everyone in the tri-state area has reminded us, the Eagles are 3-0. Why do we care? Because if the Eagles win,  Dunkin' Donuts is giving out  free medium hot or iced coffee the next day ! Just download the app and show it to the cashier. You don't even have to watch the game! Enjoy it while it lasts though, because  the last time the Eagles won a playoff game was 2008 . Ouch.

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Features  Published 09/26/14 2:51pm

Flyerer Of The Week: Penn Athletics

Did you notice how cold it was walking back from VP last night? That probably means fall is coming, and with it comes various sport games (or whatever they are called) thatyou pretend to care about. To get you in the toast-throwing mood, we interviewed the opener for Shwayze, Penn Athletics.

Holy shit that car is dope. Who are you and what are you here for?

I'm flyering for Penn Athletics, specifically for Penn's home-opener against Villanova, which is  this Saturday at 3 p.m.

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