Published 01/24/15 12:59pm


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 Published 01/23/15 2:46pm

Wawa Opens Rewards App, Penn Students Rejoice

Just as the sorrow of classes starting washes over the student body, the Wawa gods have blessed us with another reason to love them. Wawa is introducing a rewards app which will allow you to pay with preloaded gift cards, eliminating the need to bashfully pay for $1 coffee with a debit card. 

Users will earn reward items for every $50 they spend, which means a free hoagie for approximately every 11 sober and 7 intoxicated Wawa runs. The app will also provide nutrition information, a fact that we will henceforth never speak of again.

You can start working your way to your Wawa Gold Card (not an actual part of the app, but highly suggested UTB improvement) right away as all stores are now accepting payments from the app. Hurrah, hurrah, Wawa.

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News  Published 01/23/15 12:16pm

Jake's Fulfills Your Late Night Dreams

For those of you still holding on to hope of a healthy New Year’s resolution...sorry not sorry. We have some news that’ll make you wish you’d bought your workout clothes at least one size larger. 

Starting tonightJake’s Sandwich Board will begin the truly wonderful practice of staying open on Fridays and Saturdays until 3 a.m. because, unlike every dining hall on campus, Jake’s knows that Penn students are still down to eat after 8 p.m.

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News  Published 01/22/15 11:31am

Monster Wants To Be Your Caffeine Fix Today

In one of the bigger lol fuck yous of 2015 so far, Monster is passing out free caffeinated beverages directly in front of Starbucks. Guerrilla marketing? Yes. Will we take one? Sure. Is there another agenda here? You decide. But Starbucks, don't just stand there! Maybe take the cue and pass out some free grande mochas and pumpkin bread.

 Published 01/22/15 10:32am

The Tampons Look Like Tampons: A Public Reminder

Alexander Liberman was a fascinating sculptor and one of the most-creative forces of the 20th century. "Covenant" cost over 100,000 USD to construct. In case you forgot, it also looks like a tampon. It's snowing too, btw. Penn students just get it.

 Published 01/21/15 4:05pm

Wistar Brings Us Magnificent Magnification

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see a picture of a Wawa hoagie magnified 1500 times? Or your TA's weird mole? Or your roommate's toothbrush? Not to worry, the Wistar Institute, aka the building that was under construction for centuries, has (sort of) answered your prayers

Wistar will be hosting an exhibit of winning entries from the Nikon Small World Photomicrography Competition by showcasing mind-blowing photographs of everyday objects shot through microscopes and magnified at up to 1500x. In other words, everyone gets an excuse to go to a building that you otherwise will never set foot in. The exhibit lasts until March 6, so attend now before midterms begin or forever hold your peace.

News  Published 01/21/15 2:00pm

Preceptorials Are Actually Cool

For those of you who do know about Preceptorials, we apologize for ruining your enrollment chances. For those of you who do not, welcome to the best kept secret at Penn. Because even though you think you have better things to do with your time, you are wrong. We compiled for you a list of five of our favorite Preceptorials, and yes, they do all involve our stomachs.

1) PREC 604.001 Cupping & Home Brewing Methods: All about your Cuppa Joe's

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News  Published 01/21/15 11:51am

Perelman Gets Himself Another Big Money Building

Here's a joke: Annenberg, Perelman, and Huntsman walk into a bar. We don't know what happens next, but we assume that a few shots in, a bar fight will break out. And as of yesterday, we have confirmation that Perelman will reign victorious.

If you've ever rushed through the Perelman Quadrangle to get to your class in the Perelman School of Medicine and thought that maybe you're not cut out to be a doctor, have no fear. By January 2018, Penn will have a new Center for Political Science and Economics. And, you guessed it, it's funded by none other than Ronald O. Perelman. Perelman's 25 million dollar gift will become a 77.6 million dollar building nestled right by Cosi and Urban Outfitters on 36th and Walnut. PPE majors, rejoice! As for the rest of us, we're just looking forward to the great view of chaotic construction that we'll get from the Penn Bookstore's Starbucks.

 Published 01/20/15 9:19pm

ShutterButton: Outgoing Editor-in-Chief = Copy Editor Extraordinaire

We don't know about you, but our outgoing editor-in-chief and wash-up Ben Lerner is feeling twenty-two. And since UTB is a totally unbiased news source, we figured we'd celebrate Ben's birthday by sharing this gem that we conveniently just spotted in the Street office. We've had some iconic moments with our favorite pop culture elitist leading the blog (check this out, sorority hopefuls), but if Ben has taught us anything, it's that you leave Brittany [sic] alone.

News  Published 01/20/15 2:00pm

We Want YOUR Funniest Moments From Rush!

Alas, ladies and gents, we've finally reached the end of rush! Now, as every freshman girl's life is about to change forever because she finally found a sisterhood, the fun is also just beginning here at Penn's most exclusive blogority, Upsilon Tau Beta. 

That's right, we want your funniest, most uncomfortable, all-around disastrous moments from rush. Send your convos and anecdotes over to by Friday at 5:00 p.m. for a chance to be featured in our roundup! 

P.S. Didn't get a bid from your top choice? Don't worry, we're still seeking fresh meat. But be warned: we haze hard. ;)

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