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A Can Of Beer Can Do Good

Apparently now there's a way you can go for a run, drink beer and save the earth all at the same time! Sly Fox Beer is releasing an ale in honor of our beloved Schuylkill River Trail and some of the proceeds from its sale will go to improving and maintaining our favorite "off-campus" running spot, the SRT. So next time you have to beat yourself up to get out of bed and go for a jog, remember you get to reward yourself with "the perfect post-activity beer." Who knew a freezing run at the crack of dawn had its perks?

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Philly Does More Than Cheesesteaks ;)

We've done it again! Philadelphia was recently ranked by Kink University as the ninth kinkiest city in all of the United States! William Penn, as we all know, founded this fair city as a haven for those just too kinky for conventional 1682 society, so it's pretty exciting that we're continuing his legacy to this day. Placing in the top 10 of every kink category tested (total kink population, number of kink-aware professionals, and by the type of porn purchases), Philadelphia has truly impressed across the board in terms of kinkiness. 

Though it's hard to say for sure what contribution Penn students have made to what Kink University has reported as the total population of kink-identified Philly residents (which is a shockingly specific 27,411), we can truly be sure that there are some among us with those sorts of proclivities. Perhaps the next step is to organize some sort of campus group for kink-oriented students -- that could probably get SAC funding, right? 

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ShutterButton: Frosty Visits The Quad

Snowmen, the coolest new fad in winter procrastination, have made their debut in both the upper and lower Quads. Dirty, melting, and somehow still standing, these snowmen are a cruel reminder of the time Penn shattered our snow day dreams by (gasp!) making us go to class on a Tuesday.

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Vote: Pick The Next Go-To Spot

All the suspense and construction is finally over! The new 40th and Sansom complex, aka the restaurants that live in Frogro's all consuming shadow, have officially become a part of Penn's food scene. Soon all we'll be hearing is "Which Dunkin Donuts?" and "Is Allegros the place a few blocks from Zestos?" To herald in the new eateries, we would love to hear which one you think will be the next Penn staple.

Best 40th and Sansom Addition
Hai Street Kitchen
Jake's Sanwich Board
Dunkin' Donuts 2.0
Zesto Pizza
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News  Published 01/27/15 6:00pm

Uber Competitor Comes to Philly

Another day, another service that will bring us one step closer to making moving our limbs utterly obsolete. 

Lyft, a ride-sharing service that competes with Uber, has announced that it will be coming to Philadelphia this Friday. While we were pretty content with Uber-ing around town, Lyft gets a few points for in their announcement shouting out to the possibly fictional "Renee, a grad student at the University of Pennsylvania" as one of their exemplary friendly drivers.

Additionally, Lyft drivers will adorn their cars with "Glowstaches," aka giant pink pornstaches akin to your grandma's seasonal reindoor car antlers.

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News  Published 01/27/15 3:12pm

Uber To Surge Price Your Wallet To Charity – Maybe that snowstorm we didn't get will come some other time, but who really knows for sure. To avoid the gross mess in the future, Uber to class where luckily prices will be capped at only (!!!) 2.9x the normal rate! All surge pricing proceeds go to Red Cross relief so you'll be giving back while keeping your Goyard tote safe.  

News  Published 01/27/15 11:15am

Fisher Bennett Gets A Little Raunchier

William Shakespeare, James Joyce, Joseph Heller and Maxim Magazine. What do these fine works of literature have in common? They were all present in the illustrious halls of Fisher Bennett yesterday afternoon. Students walking in through the main entrance could learn about how to "snag an invite" to the increasingly popular "Sex Party" and take a gander at the "pretty little thing between the sheets." It seems that sometimes you just have to spice up the front desk with something other than a DP.

News  Published 01/27/15 6:43am

No Snow Day Today – It's official, the University is open today. Aka the University is the only institution in the tri-state area that is open today. Ugh, Penn, this is so not ideal.  

News  Published 01/26/15 11:01pm

This Just In: Penn Kids Would Like a Snow Day

Though the chances of our snow day actually happening tomorrow are sadly plummeting, the thought of a Tuesday designated for drinking and snuggling still lives on in our hearts like an eternal flame. We can't be sure about tomorrow, but the good news for now is that there's finally a designated (and copyrighted?) website to reflect our snow day predictions. Leave it to Penn kids to spend actual time designing this voting mechanism and tastefully plotted graph – complete with adorable snow imagery!

Say what you will about our wintertime cynicism, this graph proves that hope still lives among us. The curve hasn't yet dipped below a 30% chance of a day off! Though this site won't do much to change Her Highness Gutmann's decision, it's nice to feel as though we're all in this long, cold night of procrastination together. Be sure to hit up I Want A Snow Day @ Penn and let your precipitation-related voice be heard! 

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What's HapPENNing?

Welcome to the new and improved What’s HapPENNing! Five can’t-miss events every week, plus a Philly Pick of the Week. 

Stay involved, stay aware, and know what’s going on at Penn!

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