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25 Ways To Make Home Feel Like Penn

We can't believe that Penn gives us a whole two days off for Thanksgiving Break. As much as we love reuniting with our loved ones over this long weekend, we also understand that living without a serial shitter can be a bit of a let down. Your heart fills with longing as your nose fills with the all-too-pleasant scent of a Glade candle. That's why we decided to bring you 25 ways to make your stay at home feel, well, a little bit more home-away-from-homey.

  1. Wear flip flops in the shower!

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Chasing Amy  Published 11/27/14 11:46am


Follow us on Instagram (@underthebutton) all day long for live photo evidence of our drunk uncles and food comas. Amy, Ben and Norman Rockwell command it. And use our hashtag #UTBGivesThanks on your own instas and we'll post the funniest on the blog. Sending love, light and gratitude to our loyal readers today...

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at UTB!

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Queen Bey Supports Penn Artists

Ring the alarm! Our fair friend PhillyMag reports that the fabulous crown worn by Beyoncé herself in the new "7/11" music video is designed by Penn alum Laura Wass of Brooklyn's WXYZ Jewelry! We've certainly been missing Bey in Philly since Made in America '13 (and WilCaf's Beyoncé Latte, RIP). And while she's def not coming for Fling, we're psyched she paired a Quaker design with her baller Playboy sweater.

This vid, if you haven't seen it, is special because it's in honor of the closed 38th Street 7-Eleven just Beyoncé jammin' with her girls in a hotel room au naturelBetches were already crazy in love with her KALE sweatshirt, and now she has the best thing on her head since her HaloWe give thanks for you ditching House of Dereon for this headpiece, Bey – maybe you'll rock some more overt Penn gear next!

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Penn Things We're Thankful For

With the holiday season upon us at last, we here at UTB are feeling especially cheery. Maybe it's because we've had one too many egg sandwiches from Bridge, or the fact that the updated schedule means no class today (we knew we were on to something when we didn't register for any Friday classes), but we're feeling particularly grateful for dear ole Penn of late. Follow along as we bask in the glory of ten of the things we're most thankful for on campus. 

1. Walnut and Spruce Streets: for allowing us to avoid Locust when we don't look hot enough to run into people.

2. AirPennNet: for being an extremely reliable and speedy WiFi network.

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 Published 11/25/14 2:39pm

The Cutest And Cringeworthiest Penn Insta Comments

Don't let the other holidays distract you from the TRUE holiday that is almost upon us. Correct – it's beginning to look a lot like Early Decision Day. Let us give thanks for the fact that we never have to take the SAT ever again by laughing (good naturedly) at the comments of Class of 2019 potentials (holy shit) on Penn's Instagram, shall we?

Here's what looks like an upperclassman dashing a kiddo's dreams and telling it like it is. Don't spoil the surprise, dude! Let him at least get a LOVE statue pic in before he gets his soul eaten.

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The 5 Best Trash Cans For Squirrels To Eat Out Of Before Winter

Winter is coming. And at a University where the squirrels probably outnumber the students, that means lots of plumping up for the long, hibernative haul. But just like us, squirrels want the best for themselves – which is why we've put together this little guide for our little friends. Pass this post along to the squirrels you see most often (lookin' at you, Sparky) to help them prep for the winter. You know they'd do the same for you.

#5 Wynn Commons

These are some of the most high-throughput trash cans on campus. And being right outside of Houston Market, they receive tasty scraps on a regular basis. Considered along with decent tree cover, you've got a pretty well-rounded nibble spot.

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News  Published 11/24/14 3:48pm

Even Penn's Sexiest Alum Can't Escape

Despite winning an AMA for Favorite Male R&B/Soul Artist last night, Legend is still haunted by his Penn past, probably because we will never let him leave. When asked to describe his biggest fear as one of People Magazine's "208 Gorgeous Guys," Legend responded with an anxiety dream all Penn students can relate to – failing out of college. 

Although Penn wasn't specifically referenced (perhaps Legend is more secure than the rest of us), we can recognize his cold sweat moments as if they were generated by our own hyperactive minds. It's good to know that even if we graduate and become one of our generation's most successful performing artists, we'll never loose that special spark of stress. Dont worry JL, for us it's always your time to shine.  

News  Published 11/24/14 1:38pm

Tis The Season! Locust Balls Are GOING UP!

It's happening! It's hapPENNing! Dudes in cherry pickers were spotted on Locust Walk today adorning its canopy with the annual nondenominational CHRISTMAS BALLS! Your dorm room Xmas lights have nothing on Locust's annual twinkling orbs that light up the night sky every holiday season. The transformation usually happens during Thanksgiving break (in solidarity with the etiquette of waiting to Christmastime music), but on this 65 degree wintry day, we guess they were just like, "What a bright time. It's the right time." Season's greetings to all!

News  Published 11/24/14 9:54am

What's HapPENNing?

Looking for this week's events? Pack away your calendar and pull out your turkey sandwhich because our regular weekday schedule has been overturned. Why can't Friday always come this soon? 

Monday: Attempt to pay attention in class and produce necessary work.

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News  Published 11/23/14 11:33pm

Fling Artists 2015 Are In YOUR HANDS, People!

Hear ye, hear ye! This year, SPEC is doing preventive damage control smartly asking our Fling artist opinions in advance of the announcement. While we're all about the annual collective bitchfest, we suggest everyone actually fill out this survey, so you know, maybe everyone will be happy (gasp!) with the choices! Or at least most people. Will be okay with it. It could happen. So make your opinion heard!

NOTE: SPEC's got a budget so, as they explain, don't waste your suggestion box with Bey, T-Swizzle or Yeezy. This also includes JT, Jay-Z, Katy, RiRi and comparably expensive icons. So while we all want Britney, pick 'em in our price range. It's a free campus, but we'll kindly note that it's time to shut down EDM after three (varyingly goodheadlining DJs in a row. Spread the genre wealth for the seniors!

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