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Locust Flyperlatives, Vol. VI

With rainy days this week, Locust Walk was a bit more bare than usual – but that's okay. We got a box of free matzo and discounted online shopping, so our wallets are pretty happy with this edition of Flyperlatives.

Most Likely to Find the Afikomen

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News  Published 6 hours ago

Wanna Get High At The Biopond? Bring An Umbrella

Well, looks like the HIGHer-ups finally figured out that people smoke at the Biopond (probably after reading our list of Best Places To Smoke Weed On Campus) and they've taken, shall we say...dramatic action. The sign above has been strategically placed at the main entrance and, as you can see, the consequences are SEVEREGood news is, if you missed out on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, now's your chance to get in on one. You're harming your lungs, but at least it'll be for a good cause!

Features  Published 03/27/15 4:02pm

Things That Accomplish More Than The UA

UA Elections are great because they're something that some people care about a lot, and most others care about very little — what an exciting dichotomy! Today is voting day, so regardless of whether or not you'll be taking to the polls, actively exercising your constitutional right to abstain, or writing in a name like some sort of asshole, it's important to remember that this whole process is largely without consequence (although we appreciate the yearly airport shuttles). Apart from the absurdities of last year's UA "trial," it seems that little has actually been done in the past twelve months, so here's a list of people and things that tend to accomplish more than our Undergraduate Assembly. 

-Penn kids the day after fake St. Paddy's

-The people who think that complaining on the SPEC Facebook is the most practical way to bring about social justice

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News  Published 03/27/15 12:26pm

Fly Like An Eagle, Chomp for Charity

Ever had that dream where a professional athlete delivers hot, steamy food right to your door? Well, Caribou Shack, a charitable restaurant run out of a Domus apartment, is here to make that dream a reality. 

Started by Mychal Kendricks of the Philadelphia Eagles (read: the team that we cheer on for free Dunkin’), Caribou Shack raises money for a worthy (if not slightly ambiguous) cause: to help “one of University City’s own” stay in the US to follow their dreams. If you choose the Mychal Kendricks delivery option, the linebacker will deliver your order himself. So, go ahead and make two dreams come true by ordering a healthy (vegetarian) chicken cheesesteak or a “veggieful” wrap here.

News  Published 03/27/15 10:21am

You Fell For DP Joke Issue: A Tale of Gullibility and Disappointment

At one point or another on Wednesday, you thought a number of things. You thought Emma Watson was enrolling at Penn; you thought Penn banned hard alcohol, and that your Netflix was a goner. You were a victim of the system DP’s joke issue. It's okay, you weren't alone.

But c’mon, didn’t these fantasies sound a tad familiar? Remember when Ariana Grande was coming to Penn, or when Penn deemed losing a PennCard worthy of academic probation? When Skulls was set to take over Amy’s house, or when Amy Gutmann said marijuana for all?

Nevertheless, people fell for it. Hard. And in a few days, when your tears have dried and this whole snafu becomes a thing of the past, you’ll probably think it’s funny too. Until then, check out these Penn-goers who are just like you, and maybe delete those embarrassing overeager Facebook posts. 

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News  Published 03/26/15 5:00pm

Penn Masala To Headline BuzzFeed

As if they hadn't already made it to the big leagues, Penn Masala was featured on none other than BuzzFeed. Among quizzes that tell you how many members of 1D you could take in a fight (we got them all, no biggie), BuzzFeed India wrote a post commending Masala’s new music video, "Bollywood Breakdown." Of course, this comes as no surprise; Masala's already topped charts around the world….wide music genre of iTunes. Congrats, Masala. We hope you remember us when you get really famous and end up on an even bigger site.

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News  Published 03/26/15 4:00pm

Beyoncé and Jay Z: Celebs Not Coming To Philly, Part 2

Looks like we’ve been duped again. Two days ago, self-proclaimed real estate mogul Michael Angelina reported that Jay Z and Yoncé would be purchasing a $20 million condo at 5th and Walnut. However, with tears in her eyes, the VP of Sales and Marketing for the unit stated that “Jay Z and Beyoncé have not purchased the penthouse at 500 Walnut at this time.” 

We have to admit we’re a bit sad that Jayoncé won’t be expanding their dominion from the concrete jungle to Philly. Could you imagine babysitting for little baby Blue? Or catching Queen Bey at Sweetgreen with a quinoa salad in hand? We can only dream…  

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 Published 03/26/15 2:30pm

Local Fraternity Pawns Off Tchotchkes

Men across campus are rapidly selling off all their worldly possessions this week in order to have extra spending cash to woo Hermione when she arrives on campus. Local frat boys have been quoted as saying "Ya, she's like really hot, so like, I need that extra cash so I can pay for White Dog. Food there is hella pricey, but girls love it." 

Features  Published 03/26/15 1:21pm


Your votes have been tabulated. Welcome to ROUND TWO. If you're just joining us, here's the deal: we've rounded up your favorite stories from this year and are pitting them against each other—it's like the thing they do with the sports, but better. 

Need a refresher before you vote? Here are the links to this round's competitors:  #StopTheFlyering, Usher at FrogroPenn Makes PlayboyCanada Goose TumblrNail in Houston MuffinPenn Dental GoProCross Campus Skiing, and Chili's Closing.

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News  Published 03/26/15 11:11am

How Do You Like Them Apples?

If Snow White didn’t get you to stop eating apples, maybe this will. We’re pretty sure it’s not poisonous, but tbh, it might as well be. Thanks, Kings Court, for being yet another dining hall to shows us that we really shouldn’t try to be healthy. Let it be known that #penncraves heavily processed, pre-packaged, arsenic infused foods and not whatever organic process is going on above. An apple a day keeps the doctor away? Looks like BS to us. 

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