News  Published 12 hours ago

Freshman Passes Away – Wharton has confirmed the death of Tommy Tercilla, a freshman. Tercilla passed away Sunday from a brain aneurysm. Please check back with the DP for updates. 

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Professor Of The Year

Have you ever wished you could just sneak a peek of your final exam? That wish came true for some Math 360 students. This technologically-challenged professor inadvertently sent an email — with final exam attached — meant only for the eyes of Elaine to his entire class. 

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Features  Published 19 hours ago

Random Dude At A Party: Thanksgiving Edition

Is there anything worse than the Monday after Thanksgiving? Unfortunately, yes. Take your current level of depression, and multiply it by at least 10 – that's how awful you'll feel coming back from winter break. Happy holidays!

For this week's RDAP, we probed the deepest thoughts and darkest secrets of our little (read: under 8-years-old) cousins at the Thanksgiving table. Maybe their nonsensical chatter will brighten up your Monday morning, which remember – isn't as depressing as the first day of class after winter break. 

UTB: Can you tell us the story of Thanksgiving?

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Features  Published 11/27/15 5:30pm

Gone Thanksgivin'

Happy post-Thanksgiving Penn folk! We hope you've given all of the thanks and that you aren't drowning in the work you were inevitably assigned. But let's not think about that just yet. Instead, go frolic in your freedom. Time flies when you're not at Penn. 

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Features  Published 11/27/15 3:35pm

UTB Presents: A Thanksgiving Acrostic

Happy post-Thanksgiving everyone! Here's a celebratory acrostic:

 Published 11/25/15 1:03pm

ShutterButton: Racing To Registration

Ah, the good old days: back when no one cared about the environment, the patriarchy ruled, and getting the perfect schedule meant outrunning all your peers to get to the registration table first. Although we definitely wouldn't have made it to the front of the line and appreciate the fact that Penn has put less of a priority on pure brute strength, we do kind of miss the days when registration happened with actual people. Nowadays we're stuck messing around with Penn InTouch until AirPennNet craps out or we've accidentally signed up for six of the same recitation. Thanks for nothing, technology.

 Published 11/25/15 10:30am

Most Depressing Places On Campus, Volume VII: The Basement of McClelland

We're back with another edition of Most Depressing Places On Campus – it's not that hard to keep this feature going, because we all know Penn has no shortage of bleak spots. This week we venture beneath the warm, cheery walls of McClelland Hall to the eerily silent netherworld below.

There are two main reasons to be down here, and each one is equally depressing. You might be working out in the small, disappointing "fitness room," which is sad because the room sucks and does not lend itself to SABSing, like Pottruck does. Otherwise, you're picking up a package, and it's not like anyone other than Amazon or your mother ever sends you anything.

That said, the area is well outfitted with vending machines. If you're feeling thirsty after your short and empty workout, downing a soda is definitely the move.

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Features  Published 11/24/15 1:52pm

Non-Humans Of Penn, Volume II: The Dude On The WWII Memorial

"People think, you know, that I don't have feelings because I'm made of stone. But I'm sensitive. My facial expressions don't really change but that's just because I have RSF – Resting Statue Face. I have a lot of feelings. I care so much about the world. But I mean, I haven't always been this way... When I was younger I used to think being a statue meant being strong, stoic. But back in '55 or '56, I hit a turning point, or a shift in how I see myself, I guess. I just remember this girl sitting under me, crying after failing her first calculus midterm, and I felt like I was watching over her. I felt like I was protecting her. And I liked that feeling, it made me feel needed. 

So I guess I feel like that's my purpose in life – watching over the students at Penn. And I'm pretty content with that." 

 Published 11/23/15 10:21pm

Here's A Toast to the Dear Old Times

If you haven’t caught on by now, the New York Times loves us. From crossword shout outs to not-so-scandalous exposés to alerting the masses that yes, in fact, Hill is an pretty unpleasant place to live, the NYT has made Penn a mainstay in popular media. 

What’s our latest mention? In the wake of our Ivy League championship (which three of the eight teams in the conference share – a slightly disheartening statistic), the article details the thrilling history of our most “cherished” and “peculiar” toast-throwing tradition!

Assuming you’ve been on a campus tour – or a football game at the very least — the fact that we throw toast during the game isn’t exactly news. But the NYT shows us just how much there is to learn! Highlights include: 

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News  Published 11/23/15 2:00pm

TWO Penn Students Awarded Rhodes Scholarships!

It seems that Penn's Rhodes Scholar dry streak is finally OVER! Although Penn is constantly stacking up meaningless awards and rankings, this is certainly one we can all be proud of. 

Jenna Hebert (SAS '16) and Debi Ogunrinde (SAS, WH '16) have both been awarded the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship. Both will receive a scholarship to pursue master's degrees at Oxford next year. Jenna will be pursuing a masters degree in psychiatry, and Debi will be pursuing a masters in social anthropology and another in public policy.

While Jenna isn't being published in Frontiers of Neuroscience, this Phi Beta Kappa member is competing on the U.S. National Rowing Team and volunteering at the Philadelphia Adaptive Rowing Club, where she assists physically and cognitively disabled rowers. 

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