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STREET Presents: Shoutouts and Seniors Superlatives

This week, Street brings you two of our most highly–anticipated events of the year. Grab the PDF or pick up a copy on Locust. 

We heard your nominations. You voted. Now meet your Class of 2015 Senior Superlatives

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Features  Published 11/19/14 1:38pm

Birthday Tweets From The Real Amy Gutmann

Happy Birthday Amy G! Or should we say the Real A-Gut? Instead of wasting time waiting for people to wish her a happy birthday, our fine President proved once again that she is a strong, independent woman who doesn’t need a man to complete her by doing so herself. Classic Harvard!

Here’s a taste of what Amy had to say on this lovely holiday via her Twitter. Her tweets are coquettish, honest, and of course, socially and pop culturally relevant–we’d expect nothing less! Happy 65th girlfriend, you own this city.

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 Published 11/19/14 12:06pm

ShutterButton: PennVet Wants To Know If Your Dog Has Diarrhea

Look, here at UTB we love dogs as much as the next person. Pretty much everyone has one with them on campus and honestly, they're what make this four-year degree worth it. That's why it's especially important that we ask: does your dog have diarrhea? Because PennVet really, really wants to know – so much so, that they've put up signage literally everywhere. If there's one thing that could make your walk down Locust a little more scenic, or your photo in front of the Love statue a little more memorable, it's a subtle reminder that loose and watery canine stool is a thing.

 Published 11/19/14 10:24am

Free fried chicken at Federal Donuts today – and all you have to do is show up. No problem in this cold, right? Zagat released their annual list of the 50 Best Philly Restaurants and they're celebrating (Amy's birthday) by giving everyone chicken. So hurry, because it's today only!

Features  Published 11/19/14 7:16am

IT'S AMY'S 65TH B-DAY! Celebrating 65 Things That Have Happened During Her Reign

What's that festive vibe in the air on this brisk morning? THAT WOULD BE THE CAMPUS-WIDE JOY OF OUR UNIVERSITY HIGH HOLY DAY: AMY GUTMANN'S BIRTHDAY.

Talk about a #WomanCrushWednesday: Madame President is – no joke – turning SIXTY-FIVE today. Here's to the blonde fountain of youth who doesn't know the meaning of the official Medicare benefits age. And knowing A-Gut will be at the helm of dear old Penn through 2019 is all the social security we need. We've been Chasing Amy from the get-go, so UTB now proudly presents 65 things that have occurred during the birthday girl's time as our fearless leader (get ready to click dem hyperlinks)...

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News  Published 11/18/14 4:42pm

Can We Get A Sex-Ed Regrade?

Trojan has decided to add their coverage to the second most talked about part of Penn student life---sex. These sexperts issued a report card ranking the sexual health of 140 colleges across the country. Penn performed admirably, coming in at number 45 and making up for an unsatisfying 62 in 2013.

While their system looked at the availability of sexual health resources and information, we might suggest they take into account extensive news coverage and creative locations. In an obvious expression of our overwhelming insecurity, we have an idea to best position ourselves to wrap up a Top Ten spot in 2015, a new condom themed Year of Health Campaign. Need a slogan? Take your pick

 Published 11/18/14 3:00pm

New Dunkin on 40th and Samson will be 24/7 – Talk about necessary. As temperatures reach “I should’ve considered UCLA” status, hot coffee and doughnuts sound titillating at minimum. Rough mornings, all-nighters, break-ups, whatever your troubles, Dunkin will be there, frosted fried dough in hand, all day and all night.

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News  Published 11/18/14 12:53pm

Free GrubHub Delivery To Cure Your Misery

While you wallow in despair about the five courses you didn't get during advanced registration, or the unspeakable arctic windchill that's blowing through campus right now, remember that GrubHub is offering free delivery for over 60 restaurants in the Philly area.

As much as we love indulging in the slew of "this-can't-be-healthy" restaurants that populate University City, it's nice to get a taste of real food from time to time. So go all out today! GrubHub has you covered.

News  Published 11/17/14 3:30pm

The Radian Wants You To Stop Throwing Stuff Out Of Windows

Remember when there were a bunch of street performers outside the Radian? Well, neither do we, really, but apparently the residents of the bougie building have found another way to entertain themselves. They've taken a page out of Amanda Bynes's book–and management is not happy. Because nothing says "bold" better than chucking your trash out of a window towards the peasants at Jimmy John's.  

Features  Published 11/17/14 12:53pm

DP Time Machine: History Through Ads, Volume II

Welcome back to our second installment of the past. In the first, we conjured up some old school advertisements from '69, '85 and '94. 

This time, we dove into the DP archives to bring you the best ads from 1977. Do things change? Or, do they stay creepily the same? 

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