Features  Published 06/29/15 1:05pm

Alternate Internships You Didn't Know You Wanted

For those of you who know that internships at New York investment firms or Silicon Valley start-ups are for sheep, here are some summer internships that will add just the perfect amount of Mystery and maybe even Edge to your résumé. 

Maybe you didn't know they existed, or maybe you just forgot to apply for them. Regardless, we did some research to help you out, so it's gonna be a good day.

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News  Published 06/25/15 10:00am

Made In America Lineup Looks Eerily Familiar

Look, no hard feelings towards the Beyhive – although we are still bitter that the Queen's move to Philly was naught but a hoax – but this year's Made In America lineup is feeling less than inspired. 

Does Mr. Carter really lack enough star power to get a headliner that is neither his wife nor the same headliner from two years ago? MIA has become Penn's NSO Round Two, but with the news that other featured artists include Death Cab For Cutie and Nick Jonas (lol), we almost prefer an encore toga party. Which is saying a lot because, well, the toga party sucks. 

Let us know YOUR thoughts on the lineup – including who you WISH were performing – in the comments section below!

News  Published 06/24/15 4:35pm

REQUIRES ACTION: Kweder Coming to New York City Tonight

Your hours are long, your work-life balance is off, and you’re eating like shit. But probably the hardest part of interning in New York this summer is the fact that you haven’t seen Kweder in WEEKS. 

Fear not: Amy Gutmann has heard our prayers and is sending Kweder to the Big Apple. TONIGHT, Kenn Kweder will perform at the Penn Club for a cheap price of $35 (what'd you expect, this is New York). So get drunk, flirt with some questionably older Penn alumni, and find Mr. Right, all to the classic musical stylings of Kenn Kweder.

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News  Published 06/23/15 6:01pm

Felines Are Closer To World Domination Than We Thought (Philly's Getting A Cat Café)

From the shores of Japan to the shores of Jersey, the cat café phenomeownon has landed. Kawaii Kitty Café is expected to open sometime in December under the guise of "adoption center fused with a café," which is catspeak for either "world domination headquarters" or "human trap."

So, where exactly is it gonna be? Well, right at the corner of No One and Knows Yet because it's still being finalized; there're talks of Old City and Fishtown (how cute kawaii would it be if there was a cat café in Fishtown) but paws crossed for University City. Imagine: ending a long day of lectures by snuggling up with one of the cat cafe's lovely tea blends. Nothing more comforting than a warm, aromatic beverage!

News  Published 06/23/15 11:08am

Wunderkind Chooses Penn (Wharton)

Ah, another story of a kid who got into a million schools. While we really wish that news outlets would stop drooling over accomplished 17-year-olds and focus on the issues of our time, UTB doesn't get to run the media. But we do get to pat ourselves on the collective backs because this chick got into a billion schools and chose Penn.

What could have possibly sealed the deal for Penn when she was looking at a collective $3 million in scholarships from 26 schools (but also someone should inform ABC 7 Chicago that scholarships don't quite work like that and you actually don't just get to add up the amounts)? Could it have been the Quaker mask she received in that admissions folder of fun? The tear-jerker video of Amy G trying to explain how she can't even about the Class of 2019?

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News  Published 06/18/15 11:22am

Penn Gets Another TV Shoutout On Orange Is The New Black

For those whose day-to-day interests and concerns exist outside the NYU dorms and the realm of Netflix, you probably didn't see this reference to Penn on Orange Is The New Black. If you did...it's cool – we did too. But consider getting out more. Maybe a walk to somewhere other than B Bar (oof). Anyway, go Penn. We'd say this is making it.

News  Published 06/09/15 11:49am

Penn Gets Not One, But TWO, Snapchat Filters

Guess who's back, back again...UTB's back...TELL A FRIEND!!!

And with that, know what else you can tell a friend? That you're on campus for the summer, and you're PROUD. That's right: Penn just got two of its very own Snapchat filters, and those of us who opted for the City of Brotherly Love instead of the concrete jungle want the world to know. 

So go ahead and add that pic of you chowin' down on an Honest Tom's taco in front of the LOVE statue to your Story, and ignore any ensuing judgement from your sorority sissies "jchillin' in front of the White House" or your frat bros "soakin' up the LA sun" – because West Philly is relevant this summer, okay?!

News  Published 05/15/15 6:44pm

LGBT Advocates Film Chinese Version Of "Same Love"

In case the influx of CIT-sender emails didn't give you a good cry, check out the work of some super talented Penn LGBT advocates, who filmed a Chinese language version of Macklemore's "Same Love." Polyglot Ariel Koren kills the game: she adapted, translated and rapped the lyrics, and still found the time to master the sick parkour move at 0:20. Shoutout to all involved in making the video, for preaching acceptance to a culture that needs it, putting a smile on our faces, and reminding us to check our significant others for lice (3:23).

News  Published 05/13/15 2:56pm

New "Last Hurrah" App Is Like Tinder For Penn Seniors

Seniors, the time has come: to forego what is left of your childhood, embrace becoming an adult and enter the real world. But thankfully there's a week left for potential senior debauchery. Have you ever longingly gazed at some cutie through the glass of a GSR? Or relished in the 30 seconds you got to spend with a hot guy or girl in a VP elevator, only to realize you'll probably never speak? The Last Hurrah, a matching app exclusively for Penn Seniors, is here to make your dreams come true. Any Penn senior with an email address can anonymously enter the names of up to 10 seniors that they'd like to hook up with, and if the interest is mutual, both parties receive a notice that they've "matched." 

So go on, have some fun and put yourself out there — you're not that old yet.

News  Published 05/09/15 11:54am

GrubHub Is Here For You During Finals, But Also Judging You For That Buffalo Chicken Salad Habit

As the ridiculously long 10 days of Finals approach their conclusion, friends leave campus, posting painful "Done with junior year!" statuses in their wake. The emotional support of loved ones falls away, but the emotional support of Buffalo Chicken Salad GrubHub-ed to your personal Huntsman hellhole holds strong. 

While we seek solace in Drunken Noodles eaten sadly and soberly in a Van Pelt carrel, GrubHub secretly tabulates our collective stress eating habits. The list of most-ordered food during Finals at Penn is a doozy, with some surprise favorites (edamame? bacon?) and some classic stress eats. For inspiration for tonight's order or the realization that you really need to evaluate your choices, here's the list of top foods that spike on GrubHub during Finals week at Penn:

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