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Trump-mann Tweet Of The Day

Gena Basha / Daily Pennsylvanian

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The One Thing Wharton DOESN'T Want Prospective Students to Know


Photo: Mackenzie Lukas / The Daily Pennsylvanian

Tomorrow, the prospective class of 2021 Wharton students will get their application decisions. From the outside, it seems like Wharton is just a super exclusive club, where all the classes have unnecessarily long names with funny sounding acronyms, like PEPTO101 and BISMOL250. Luckily, Under the Button is revealing the one thing Wharton doesn’t want prospective students to know.

It’s really fucking complicated to charge your phone in Huntsman.

You’ll have to use one of the phone lockers in the forum. After approaching the locker, you’ll enter your personal information to the computer screen, including pennkey and password, birthday, year when you first got a Goldman Sachs internship, and what percent communist you are. Then, the computer will ask for your height and weight (including your ego and/or the weight of the world’s expectations) to ensure that you’ll be able to reach the phone slot selected, or at least that you’ll be able to jump high enough to throw your phone in. The computer will then ask you for your resume and any qualifications that make you stand out as an applicant for the phone locker. After three interview stages, you’ll be allowed to place your phone into the locker, but as an inexperienced first-timer, your phone will not actually charge until the third or fourth time you use the locker.

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Seven Victorian Insults to Unleash Casually at Penn


Photo by Nordic Museum with edits by Lauren Sorantino / CC 2.0

1. "Silence, you church bell!" for the girl in your class who did not do the reading but insists on participating by telling a related personal experience

2. "Hush, Whooperup!" for an overzealous member of the a cappella community

3. "Good riddance, mutton shunter!" for people in M&T who remind you they're in M&T

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Satire  Published 03/28/17 4:04am

Poll: 38% of Wharton Students are Ironically Communists


Photo: Julia Schorr / The Daily Pennsylvanian

Memes are the opiate of the masses.

A new poll conducted by the Penn Undergraduate Association for More Polls has shown that nearly 38 percent of Wharton undergraduate students identify as “ironically communist,” following an upward trend over the past few years. Just eight years ago, the percentage of ironically communist Whartonites was eight percent, so what has caused the huge jump? Memes.

We spoke to Wharton junior Alan Schwartz about why he identifies as an ironic communist. “To be honest, communism memes are hilarious,” says Schwartz. ”I mean, look at this stuff, it’s very hard not to be entertained by this ideology that is antithetical to my own economic views.” Schwartz referred us to a meme called “Comrade Jeb!” which depicts the former governor of Florida as an anarcho-communist bent on destroying capitalism and beating up fascists. “I felt so bad for him during the campaign, all he wanted was for people to clap for him. Now, I find this confusing and esoteric meme hilarious. It really makes me love communism!”

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Satire  Published 03/28/17 4:04am

Fresh Grocer Chicken Wins Michelin Star


Photo: Julia Schorr / The Daily Pennsylvanian

The Fresh Grocer is now among the ranks of the most famous restaurants in the world.

The grocery store on the corner 40th and Walnut streets recently won a Michelin Star award for its world-famous chicken. “This has been a long time coming,” Jaehyun Lee said. Lee, who is the manager of Fresh Grocer, has been trying to get the Michelin Guide reviewers to come to his establishment for decades now.

“Students have been coming up to me everyday telling me how much they love our chicken,” Lee said. “It’s nice to finally get some formal recognition.”

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Satire  Published 03/28/17 4:03am

Penn Men's Basketball Acquires Ivy League Title in Daring Midnight Raid


Photo: Snilliam Wow / The Daily Pennsylvanian

If we learned one thing this season, it's that you should never count out Penn men's basketball. And while the women's team was suffering a heartbreaking loss in the first round of the NCAA tournament after leading by 21 points in the fourth quarter, the men were pulling off a comeback that even Texas A&M couldn't have dreamed of.

The Quakers bounced back from a demoralizing Ivy League semifinal loss in resounding fashion, acquiring the Ivy League Championship in a daring midnight raid conducted at Princeton headquarters whilst the Tigers slept.

"Well, sh*t," said befuddled Princeton coach Mitch Henderson.

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Satire  Published 03/28/17 4:02am

Meet the Penn Student Pursuing a Stand-Up Comedy Career After Receiving 300 Likes on His Meme


La Yekthar Show / CC Share-Alike 3.0

Alex Tagore used to be a normal, quiet Penn student. He did his homework, occasionally went out, was a part of some clubs, and lived a normal, boring life. But this weekend, everything changed.

Stricken by the “meme fever” that had spread at Penn, Tagore decided to get himself involved in the growing trend. A new member of the world-renowned “Official Unofficial Penn Squirrel Catching Club,” Tagore initially just viewed the Facebook page as something funny and amusing to look at in his free time. Last weekend, however, he decided to take a leap of faith and create his own content.

Inspired by the other hysterical comedians at Penn, Tagore worked to design his own flawless meme masterpiece (or as he humorously calls it, a memesterpiece). After spending 28 straight hours putting together pictures of Amy Gutmann, M&T insults, and questionable pornography, Tagore finally finished his work of art.

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Satire  Published 03/28/17 3:59am

DP Weather Columnist: No One Knows What the Weather Will Be Anymore, So Stop Asking


Photo by DP Design

According to recent weather data, it has become apparent that meteorological seasons no longer exist.

This unexpected yet historically-significant shift away from the what we assumed was a relatively fixed climate is not a result of any changes in Earth's astronomical positioning, but instead due to meteorological deviations, the cause of which is still unknown.

Over the last few months, the weather community in the American Northeast has been meticulously collecting and logging information on temperature fluctuations, types, and amounts of precipitation, and pressure systems— and experts have been powerless to find any intelligible patterns that would point to the continued existence of four discrete seasons.

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Satire  Published 03/28/17 3:59am

Penn Football's Private Group Chat Leaks, and It's Actually Really Nice


Photo: Julia Schorr / The Daily Pennsylvanian

With the leaks of highly offensive group chats and other online communications within all-male sports teams at Harvard University and Columbia University still fresh on the minds of many, perhaps it made sense to expect the worst when the Penn football team's entire group chat leaked late on the night of March 27. The leak included photos, videos, and thousands upon thousands of messages. Refreshingly, there was no need for alarm.

None of the countless leaked messages contained any evidence of offensive or misogynistic language. On the few occasions the players discussed women other than their mothers (always in a respectful tone), the subject was never sexual or aesthetic.

"This girl in my chem class really knows her stuff," one running back said. "Is it weird to ask her to study next weekend?" His teammates offered nuanced and thoughtful perspectives, and he opted to meet her at the library to avoid any unintentional hint of romantic subtext.

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Satire  Published 03/28/17 3:57am

Penn Quarterback Alek Torgersen Turns Down Cleveland Browns in Favor of Goldman Sachs


Photo: Karson Cahoe | Washed Up Photo Editor / The Daily Pennsylvanian

The Cleveland Browns should really just give up on taking quarterbacks in the first round of the NFL Draft at this point.

The Browns, armed with the first overall selection in this year's draft by virtue of having the NFL's worst record, took a chance on Penn football quarterback Alek Torgersen. But DP sources learned Tuesday that Torgersen has declined to sign his rookie contract and will end his pursuit of an NFL career in order to work at Goldman Sachs.

"It's a tough decision to step away from the game, that's for sure," Torgersen said. "A lot of it is financial … I have to do what's best for my family. And, while Cleveland's offer of $30 million guaranteed with another $12M in incentives was flattering, this unpaid summer internship at Goldman will open doors and give me valuable experience, which they told me is really worth up to nine figures — untaxed money, mind you."

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