Satire  Published 04/22/18 11:06am

OP-ED: I'm In the College But I'm Transferring To Wharton And It Was Totally Unplanned


Photo by Cindy Chen / The Daily Pennsylvanian

What school am I in? Oh, it’s complicated right now. I’m technically in the College, but I’m transferring to Wharton after this semester. I just think it’s a better fit for me. No, I’m not in it for the prestige, why would you even ask that? I really think having a business degree will allow me to create some positive social change.

This wasn’t planned, either. I really just had an epiphany—it was like a week ago—that I want to be in the business school. Like the transfer website says, my interests and passions have just shifted over time. Yes, I know that in order to transfer I had to have taken a year's worth of economics classes, but I already knew I liked those. I had no idea I was going to want to transfer until, like I already said, a week or two ago.

It doesn’t matter that I applied as a Linguistics major because my dad helped me cheat on the International Olympiad for Informatics, just so I could get into Penn and transfer into Wharton internally because I read on CollegeVine.com it was easier that way. I’m just following where my life takes me. So get off my ass. Unless you’re in Wharton.

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