Satire  Published 09/29/17 12:18am

Kid Who Posts Too Much in His Class's Facebook Group Is Actually Sort of Cool


Photo by Pexels / CC0

Freshman Joshua Pfeiffer is known to many as the most prolific Facebook poster they have ever encountered. At his peak, Pfeiffer averaged eight posts a day in the Class of 2021 group.

“Hey guys! My name is Joshua, but you can call me Josh. What’s your name?” was his first post, created not even a minute after the group was created. He followed it with four more posts that day, including “Any sports fans here?” and “Is anyone interested in getting a twenty questions club together?”

Paul Garcia, another member of the class of 2021, said he was annoyed by Pfeiffer’s posts. “I had to make a new Facebook account, because my original one turned into only posts by this kid Joshua Pfeiffer,” he said. “I hated Joshua, and so did literally everyone else I talked to.”

But once Pfeiffer’s classmates met him, they were astonished to discover that he was not that bad a guy— in fact, he was kind of cool.

“I met this kid named Josh during NSO, and he was pretty chill. He was a normal kid,” said freshman Madeline Miller. “Then I realized he was Joshua Pfeiffer, that crazy Facebook poster, and I was shocked. How is that kid not the biggest loser at Penn?”

Garcia had a similar story. “Josh ended up on my team during a game of pickup basketball. I almost left to avoid him, but he ended up being a nice guy,” Garcia said. “He also had a pretty wet three.”

Pfeiffer followed the game up with a post to the Class of 2021 group: “Just played basketball!”

The post received zero likes.

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