Satire  Published 09/16/17 2:33pm

7 Amazing Photos That Don't Show Dean Furda Sharing a Special Message


Photo by cherylholt / CC0

This girl knows how to blow a bubble, and wasn't afraid to show it to the world. It's a little small, but still totally impressive!

Public Domain

Unbelievable. Somebody dedicated an entire, living tree to Usher, the 38-year-old singer, songwriter, and dancer behind such hits as "Love in this Club" and "OMG (ft. will.i.am)."

Photo by MattysFlicks / CC BY 2.0

A man generously shares a candy bar with a hungry Pomeranian he's never met before. Faith in humanity = restored.

Photo by kent williams / CC BY 2.0

Incredible! A photographer catches Jeff Goldblum at the exact moment when he describes how he landed his first film role by bribing a Ukranian drug lord to forge his Screen Actor's Guild card.


Photo by MattysFlicks / CC BY 2.0

This fortune cookie is eerily accurate...

Photo by Lea Eisenstein / The Daily Pennsylvanian

Wait. This is wrong. Don't look at this. Scroll to the next picture. Please just forget this ever happened.

Photo by Whitney / CC BY 2.0

This oddly satisfying creamy ranch dressing is seriously the best thing you'll see all week. Yum!

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