Satire  Published 07/07/17 5:02pm

UTB Reviews: Kidz Bop At Party On The Parkway


Photo: Razor & Tie / Wikimedia Commons

Just as the American government is a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, Kidz Bop is a music of the kids, by the kids, and for the kids. So naturally, Kidz Bop was the obvious headliner for the Fourth of July Party on the Parkway. Referred to by an unreliable source as the number one music brand for kids, Kidz Bop’s only free concert started at 1:00 pm this past Tuesday.

Everyone who’s anyone was at the Kidz Bop concert, but for those of you who got a little too lit to attend, we’ll give you a recap of the show.

The group started with their most recent hit, “Parents Are the Worst.” Despite the clapback from critics, the song has struck a chord with many overprivileged kidz around the country. Some of the most popular lyrics include: “Mom won’t let me have a boy-girl sleepover \ My only hope is to find a four-leaf clover” and “Curfew on school nights is 7 pm \ My parents don’t want me to have any friends.”

After a few throwbacks from their previous albums (“Braces Are Kool”; “Reading Isn’t Lame”; and “B-Yourself”), they closed it up with the fan favorite, “Peaked in Middle School.”

Overall the show was a huge success, so if you missed it this Tuesday, be sure to check out their touring schedule at kidzbop.com.

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