Published 04/19/17 6:04pm

PSA: Check in With Your Employer Before 4/20

When the clock strikes midnight tonight, it'll be 4/20. That's right, folks. Like most dates, it only happens once a year. For 24 hours, students across campus will abandon their drug of choice to unite in the original drug — friendship (pronounced "weed"). 

We're a big fan of tomorrow. However, we also see ourselves as protectors of the student population and their professional endeavors so here is an important PSA: Check In With Your Employer. Make sure they don't need to drug test you in the near future.

You may have landed the perfect job in investment banking but before you go humble-bragging on LinkedIn, remember that there may still be one final step: a drug test. Some employers aren't as down with friendship as others. 

Unless you're spending the summer working for your cousin's friend's new start-up — "it's like Tinder, but, like, for people who make memes" — you should probably give your employer a ring before 4/20. Keep it casual, subtle, something like: "Just checking if there's anything else I'll need to do before I start working, like a physical fitness exam or a drug test or anything like that." We hope you're all in the clear to enjoy some quality friendship tomorrow. 

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