Features  Published 04/13/17 2:24pm

Shocking: Primary Qualification for Being an Odyssey Online Writer is Existence


Photo by Skara kommun / CC 2.0

When it comes to the Odyssey Online, anyone can write for them and no one can't.

The crowdsourced "journalism" website and digital hillside of flaming tires, The Odyssey Online, is no stranger to the university student. We are often subjected to site's nuanced and original think-pieces, penned by only the most esteemed members of our high school graduating class, as they pop up on our Facebook feeds. Often we see their article, give it a click, cringe within the first paragraph, quickly close the tab and rinse our eyes with salt water. 

It seems as though any college student, no matter how terrible their writing or uninteresting their opinion, can use the Odyssey as a soapbox. The sheer lack of quality control and editorial presence begs the question, "do they let just anyone write for this damn thing?" UTB has been asking the very same question, and we decided to launch an investigation. The results are may surprise you.

Can anyone write for the Odyssey? Yes.

Can no one write for the Odyssey? No.

How did we arrive at this conclusion? UTB applied to write for the Odyssey (But Not The Widely Produced Honda Minivan) under a pseudonym. We supplied The Huffington Post But Worse with our "name", email, and the phone number from "Kiss Me Thru the Phone." Then, we waited.

We immediately received an automatic response and a style-guide from our prospective employer. Sadly, that's where the correspondence with The Odyssey (But Not The Good One Written By Homer) ended. It appears that they will not be offering us a writing position.

Because of this, are forced to conclude that while literally anyone, regardless of qualification, can write for the Odyssey, no one can't.

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