Features  Published 12/13/16 1:18pm

Shocking: Daily Pennsylvanian Only Has One Photo Of Dean Furda

Is the failing Daily Pennsylvanian in such shambles that they only have one photo of Dean Eric Furda? It's certainly possible. Hell, let's just say that it's more than likely. 

For every article that involves admissions, the DP uses the same photo. Just look at him, smiling as he holds what we can only assume to be a craftily-worded rejection letter. It's a perfectly nice photo, don't get us wrong. Yet, it's a bit more than odd that they resort to using the same photo over and over again...unless, of course, they only have one.

But why would they only have one photo of him? Can they not seem to get another one? It cannot be that difficult to snap a quick pic of everyone's favorite Dean of Admissions. He's not nearly as elusive and rare on campus as President Gutmann, who is almost impossible to photograph without apartment hunting in Manhattan and hoping for a chance encounter. 

We reached out to DP president-elect Carter Coudriet to address the matter. He replied, "Look, seriously. I'm not doing well in classes. You need to leave me alone," and then proceeded to dab.

Maybe there's another reason why DP desperately lacks Furda photos. Come to think of it, when was the last time we saw him? Is he okay? Where is he?

Dean Furda, if you're reading this please tweet us at @underthebutton to let us know that you're safe.

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