Published 09/15/16 3:05pm

Penn Fights Back Against Weird, Gross "Preaching"

This afternoon, two men arrived outside the Ben Franklin statue (and our lovely button!) and started preaching women on their "behavior," releasing a slew of bigoted views. Later on, one "preacher" remained as he needed to explain the rules on spotting a lesbian (i.e. if she wears pants/has short wear); called women whores and said that women don't have brains.

Fortunately, everyone immediately realized this was absolutely ridiculous. A crowd of students soon gathered around him, protesting his statements, riffing at his lousy stories and showing, in a deliciously sassy way, that Penn doesn't stand for this kind of bigotry.

Since this counter-protest was pretty awesome, we want to applaud the following heroes:

  • The student who danced around with sign: BUTT SEX = HEAVEN / INTOLERANCE = HELL
  • The brave Quaker who played gay porn on his laptop for the unwanted guest
  • A certain DP staffer who may or may not have yelled in the guy's face.

As always, if you have more information, email us at tips@underthebutton.com. Also, shout out Julio for these photos.

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