Published 03/21/16 1:30pm

Chance Who? Get To Know This Year's Fling Headliner

A lot of stuff happened this weekend: St. Fratty’s, snow, and oh, the Fling 2016 headliner was revealed. But if by chance you have zero clue who Chance the Rapper is (i.e., you thought when people said “the rapper” it was just a helpful description, not part of the his stage name), don’t worry! You aren’t alone. Here’s all you need to know so you can take a chance on Chance this April:

  • His real name is Chancelor (it all makes sense now).
  • He was born on is April 16th, 1993.
  • His major album is Acid Rap.
  • His most popular songs include “NaNa”, “Coco Butter Kisses”, and “Acid Rain”.
  • He performed on SNL
  • He has a song with Hoodie Allen *cue shrieks from 13 year old girls and APES kids*
  • AND was featured on Kanye’s new album.
  • A few years back he performed at Penn.
  • . . . and according to ancient Roundup archives, partied after at frats before taking his chances (yeah, we overdid it, sorry) on a lucky Quaker girl. Will they reunite and rekindle their flame over Fling? Only time will tell. 

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