Features  Published 03/07/14 10:30am

What Happens At Penn While You're On Break


Today Penn students will begin leaving for warmer / colder / homier climes, and we can't help but wonder: what will go down while we're gone? Here's our best guess:

1. Wawa employees dance wildly to Wawa music

2. VP workers check their own bags

3. Food trucks outside the Quad become a free giveaway buffet potentially culminating with a choreographed dance sequence starring Lyn and the two Le Anhs.

4. University Enterprises goes to Rodin to do their laundry

5. Ben Franklin feels cold without his usual coat of warm urine

6. FroGro cuts back to 23 hours/day

7. Tour groups are like, AW MAN WE PICKED DA WRONG WEEK 2 TOUR PENN

8. The usual amount of people go to Qdoba

9. No one buys the Kosher foods at FroGro

10. West Philadelphians no longer feel unsafe when they go east of 44th street.

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