Features  Published 03/05/13 4:03pm

Reasons To Miss Penn While Away On Break

Let's face it, we all love Penn and going away on break isn’t always that easy. So, as you're secretly crying in your hotel room because you miss Dear Old Penn way too much, we have provided you with our list of things to make you “miss” Penn even more. All you have to do is click here.

1. Getting lost in DRL...and then walking home from DRL.

2. Decoding your foreign TA’s English as a zesty mental exercise.

3. Having to “open” up your backpack as you leave Van Pelt.

4. That one dining services staff member that just plain gets you.

5. When the lights go off in Van Pelt to remind you that it’s closing in 10 minutes and it gets you every time. (seriously...can’t they think of a better system?)

6. Having to wear flip-flops while you shower.

7. Living with people who actually know the difference between Penn and Penn State.

8. The wind tunnels. (Gotta love getting that wind-swept hair top model look)

9. Houston at 12 p.m. (because wandering aimlessly around looking for a table is just so much fun)

10. That one Allied Barton security guard whose hair you’ve always imagined asking about.

11. Having a class on the 4th floor of Claudia Cohen Hall. (AKA your daily leg workout)

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