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 Published 02/14/13 5:00am

STREET Presents: Love at Penn


Love is a lot of things. It's fondness, it's sadness, it's mind blowing epiphanies and elation. This Valentine's Day (or Single's Awareness Day, whichever you prefer), Street would just like to tell you… we love you.

This week, Street presents to you, LOVE in all shapes and sizes. Highbrow brings bitterness and heartbreak, made up for by our lovely Ego, Isabel Friedman. Want to listen to some depressing tunes today? You can't. Music has been so kind as to decode the cheesiest of lyrics for you, to make you both feel better and sick to your stomach with "awwww"dorability. Sick of that? Take a look at Film's use of social psych (you know fear and love produce the same physiological response?) as they guide you through the top horror movies for V–Dizzle.

Still down? Check out F&D's brand new blind date, it's guaranteed to make your heart skip a beat in the right, sympathetic way. At least you can be happy for others, right? Taxidermy is also pretty… adorable? We think? Arts shows us its pretty side nonetheless. On the other hand, maybe you need some advice. A little somethin' somethin' to get that someone someone. Lowbrow's got you there—check out this amazing guide to great chocolate creations you should definitely buy for your loved ones!

Finally, check out something you all made. Something that brought a whole chunk of Penn together, both in sickness and in health, in sadness and in hardship, till death do we part. It also brought a whole bunch of Street together to produce it, and we think we can definitely say…


We love you.

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