Features  Published 02/03/13 2:56pm

"Puppy" Bowl Sunday


What’s adorable, hairy, clumsy, messy and playful?! No silly not football players, but puppies!!! Before you turn on your TV for that lame, kinda sacred thing called the Super Bowl (JK), be sure to catch all the action from the Puppy Bowl IX. It airs on Animal Planet today from 3-5 p.m.

Basically it’s the ultimate aww factor featuring different breeds of puppies from a wide range of animal shelters. There is even a Kitty Halftime Show, which is the purrfect opportunity for cat lovers to tune in as well.  What better way to kick off your Super Bowl Sunday?

We have even provided you with some of our favs for this year’s top dog.


Likes: Long walks on the beach and BBQ treats.

Position: Lineman AKA protecting her toys

Goals in life: Become as famous as Balto


Likes: Not sharing and being the center of attention

Position: Center AKA stealing the spotlight

Favorite Celebrity: Kanye West


Likes: Being the underdog and sleeping in on the weekends

Position: Running Back AKA using her cuteness to stop her opponents

Music: Smooth Jazz


Likes: Biscuits and gravy

Position: Wide Receiver  AKA running away from opponents

Signature Move: "Peanut Butter Jelly Time"


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