Features  Published 02/18/13 7:01pm

Presidents' Day Special: Meet The Presidents!


You voted (presumably), and now they reign: the Class Board presidents. But how much do you really know about your leaders beyond their punny slogans and catchy jingles? In honor of Presidents' Day, a wonderful national holiday spent just like any other Monday, we give you the inside scoop on these four students who never get a day off.

What's the one thing every president needs?

Jon Youshaei, 2013: Home cooking Spencer Penn, 2014: Gummy Bear Multi-Vitamins Ariel Koren, 2015: Lots of Red Bull Jesus Perez, 2016: Sleep.

If you could have your face on any US bill or coin, which would it be?

JY: A new two-cent coin, but that's just my two cents! SP: The $2 Bill. You'll find me at the bannnkk. AK: 100 dollar bill – I’ve always wanted to have my picture taken with Ben Franklin <3 JP: The $2 bill. It's different and pretty awesome.

Barack Obama or Amy Gutmann?

JY: Gutmann Popowich 2016 SP: Gutmann AK: Dr. G over anyone! JP: Uff...that's tough. I plead the Fifth!!!

If money and resources were no object, what's one thing you would do to improve life at Penn?

JY: Wawa Dining Dollars SP: Free Printing AK: Three things: 24-hour dining, more funding for student groups…and Beyoncé for Homecoming halftime show! JP: I would build a new student union to bring students together. Don't get me wrong — I love Houston Hall, but it's time to spice things up!

Which US president do you feel you emulate most?

JY: Daniel Day-Lewis..er, I mean Lincoln SP: I liken myself to John F. Kennedy, because he too was the best looking president ever. AK: Reagan — he’s theatrical and quirky. JP: Theodore Roosevelt — because I love trees.

If you could make one national law, what would it be?

JY: Paid year off to travel before starting work SP: No University shall hold classes on Presidents' Day. AK: Mandatory Zumba classes in all primary and secondary schools JP: Immigration reform.

What national song plays when you walk into a room?

JY: "Family Business" by Kanye West. It's a national song right? SP: Por Ti Volare AK: Stuck a feather in his hat and called it macaroooniiiiiiii! JP: America the Beautiful

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