Features  Published 02/02/13 6:18pm

Meanwhile On The Penn 2016 Facebook Page...


There’s nothing more fascinating than observing a wild beast in its natural habitat, so UTB infiltrated the Penn 2016 Facebook group to see what the kiddies are up to.

Pictured here is a somewhat pointless but mildly impressive word association game that’s been going on for almost a year. Fortunately, we’ve beaten Brown because they probably don’t really care about this game anymore.


There are also some really cool job opportunities posted on the Penn 2016 page! Have you created a life you just want to get away from? All you need to do is attend an undisclosed event at an undisclosed location at 8PM on Thursday to find out about your undisclosed position. Seems legit?

Judging by this recent post, not everyone knows that the number one rule about fight club is that you don’t talk about fight club. Apparently, though, someone totally did #narc because here's the DP article that resulted.

Here's a post pretty typical of the 2016 Facebook group. On any given day, about a dozen people offer money/cookies/limbs to people with cheap books or good recitation sections. It’s really heartwarming how supportive all of us 2016ers are of the other members of our class. We're all BFFLs-- always ready to lend out a helping hand to a fellow Quaker in need. Penn16 ‘til I die.

Wait... what?

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