Published 02/22/13 6:32pm

Filly Friday

Hey, it's your weekly reminder that you live in Philadelphia! Midterms are stressful, but hanging around other stressed people can be like getting sneezed on  when you're already sick. Here are some reasons to leave the bubble:


Philly Fashion Week comes but once a year, and if you don't spend it smizing and accessorizing then you're wasting your time.

Or, go see comedian-slash-angry-old-man Lewis Black grace the the Academy of Music with his shouty take on current events. It's tonight, but tix are available, and he has, like, totally touched Jon Stewart!


The Craft Market at 30th Street Station, which got rescheduled from a snowier day a few weeks ago, will be the perfect place to find that antiqued brass horse hoof belly-chain you've been yearning for all these years.

Bierfest, hosted by the German Society of Pennsylvania, is basically what it sounds like. Das ist alcohol. And maybe it'll fulfill your cross-cultural analysis requirement?


If you couldn't make it to Saturday's craft market, or if you can't get enough crafting, or if you want to eat kegs & eggs and TRADE YOUR VINYL FOR A FREE DRINK, maybe you should hit up the Shakedown Flea Market at the Blockley.

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