Features  Published 02/03/13 1:05am

7 Things To Do That Are Not The Super Bowl


Some of us are not so into sports. For the unathletic/uninterested bunch, here are 7 things to keep you occupied while all your friends are watching the big game:

1. Re-watch the 30 Rock finale and cry again because you don't know what to do with your life now that it is over.... Blerg!

2. Start thinking of Valentine's Day puns to send to your crush (like this).

3. Experiment with YouTube makeup tutorials 

4. Home Alone is playing on ABC Family.

5. Sit and imagine what it would be like if this happened at the Super Bowl.

6. Go to the Rave and see a movie -- you'll have the whole theater to yourself!

7. Make a fashionably late appearance at a Super Bowl party just long enough to grab a handful of chips and see Beyoncé (with Destiny's Child?!) kill it. Before the third quarter starts, fake an important phone call and GTFO!!

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